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VS3841: Vintage Vuarnet 018 sunglasses are one of the very few styles Vuarnet produced with blue mirror lenses, every bit as optically amazing as their silver mirror Skilynx lenses but giving you an extra bit of design flair! The rounded rectangular front lenses are a good size and shape for a wide variety of faces, and the gunmetal front frame and ear stems make a great color complement for the highly reflective Vuarnet blue mirror lenses. Tell Me More

VS3842: Vintage Serengeti 5223 Drivers black aviator sunglasses are a real classic in vintage sunglass design, one of the premier styles in the Serengeti Drivers Series c early 1990s and a slightly smaller version of equally iconic Serengeti 5222 sunglasses. You'll love the high performance of these Corning Optics mineral glass lenses used in these vintage Serengetis, here a rare rose Corning lens and a far cry from today's Serengeti sunglasses with plastic lenses. Tell Me More

VS3843: Vintage Bolle Edge II mirrored glacier glasses date to the golden age of Bolle c 1980s - early 1990s and feature a durable, high performance white nylon frame that won't stick to the skin even in the most extreme conditions along with white leather side blinkers, removable nose guard, and highly reflective and eye catching Bolle gold mirror lenses. The leather blinkers will protect your eyes from wind, snow, and glare from the sides, and the adjustable ear stems ensure a comfortable fit. Tell Me More

VS3844: Vintage Carrera Porsche Design sunglasses are an icon of the 1980s and remain enduringly popular today. Revolutionalizing sunglasses design with innovative new products such as folding sunglasses, interchangeable lenses, and shield sunglasses, the collaboration between Carrera and Porsche was one of the most successful design collaborations ever undertaken. From the estate of a former top Carrera executive, this one of a kind group of vintage 1980s marketing and promotional materials and price lists distributed only to optical shops will almost certainly never be seen again once it's sold exclusively at the Vintage Sunglasses Shop. Tell Me More

VS3845: Vintage Maui Jim MJ-141 17 Barracuda sunglasses feature original Maui Jim top gradient mirror lenses in a sleek chrome frame that looks as good from the sides as the front, all in a style and shape that will remind you of vintage Revos also from this period. Like vintage Revos these very early Maui Jim sunglasses have real mineral glass lenses, not the flimsy and optically inferior polycarbonate lenses of today. Tell Me More

VS3846: Vintage Oliver Peoples OP-553 clip on sunglasses feature a sleek and modern silver frame with nose bridge etching, uniquely angled ear stems, and very rare matching Oliver Peoples OP-553 clip on sunglasses. Vintage Oliver Peoples clip on sunglasses are highly sought after by folks who wear prescription lenses but want a distinctive, eye catching frame, but they also want regular looking sunglasses to wear so the matching clip ons are the perfect solution. Tell Me More

VS3847: Vintage Oliver Peoples Gadson Fight Club Blood Red sunglasses are one of the only oversized composite frame sunglasses produced with the Blood Red Fight Club lenses, a style and shape that has made them enduringly popular ever since their initial introduction. This is the original Gadson made in Japan, the source for all of Oliver People's best early designs with the exception of repurposed vintage styles that made up the Oliver Peoples Vintage Collection. Tell Me More

VS3848: Vintage Oliver Peoples 12k GF etched gold sunglasses were purchased directly from Oliver Peoples and date back to the original estate collection of vintage American-made eyewear purchased by the founders of the Oliver Peoples that inspired the first Oliver Peoples designs in the late 1980’s. These early 12k GF sunglasses are a great example of why they were so inspired - note the subtle yet intricate etching of the gold plated nose bridge and the striking silver shooter ear stems. Tell Me More

VS3849: Vintage Oliver Peoples OP-902 Bouffi sunglasses are reminiscent of equally iconic Oliver Peoples O'Malley sunglasses, but the Bouffi mixes things up a little bit with a darker tortoise top accent, translucent lower front frame, and eye catching blond ear stems coupled with early OP light green lenses. The contrasting colors of the distinctively shaped frame means the OP-902 Bouffi looks as good from the sides as they do from the front. Tell Me More

VS3850: Vintage Oakley 006019-04 Madman sunglasses feature the original Madman Carbon high performance frame, here in this variation pairing the top of the line X Metal frame with hard to find Oakley Ruby Iridium Polarized lenses. Channeling the best of Oakley mad science, the Oakley Madman brought crazy good style and insane technology together in a style that rivaled the best of other Oakley X Metal icons like the Over The Top, Juliet, Penny, and Mars. Tell Me More

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