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VS1961: Vintage Ray-Ban Diamond Hard 62mm General sunglasses feature an Arista gold plated frame and the black "General" brow bar originally designed to improve the sunglasses on the face and named after General Douglas MacArthur who wore this style of sunglasses - without the later Diamond Hard lenses of course - during his Philippines campaign in World War II. The Ray-Ban Diamond Hard lens was a Bausch & Lomb scratch-protection system which created a lens surface of amorphous diamond that is 10x more resistant to scratching than ordinary glass. Tell Me More

VS1962: Vintage Persol Sport 40423 sunglasses feature rare Persol mineral glass gold mirror lenses, a lens that was only made in small production runs at Persol and thus very hard to find today. But what could possibly go better with them than the Persol 40423 sports frame in matte brown, a style and shape reminiscent of vintage Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses but with unmistakable Persol Italian style. Tell Me More

VS1963: Vintage Persol PF-811 Pininfarina sunglasses are a sleek, racing inspired design that was a collaboration between Persol and the famous Pininfarina Design Group of Ferrari fame. The large front frame and lenses evoke the style made famous by European Formula One racing stars, and the swept back ear stems give these sunglasses the feeling of motion not to mention great looks. These Persol Ratti PF-811 sunglasses were produced in Persol's Ratti manufactury. Tell Me More

VS1964: Vintage Persol 841 sunglasses feature a beautiful tortoise shell frame with the kind of translucence it seems only the Italians can do properly coupled with classic brown Persol mineral glass lenses. The Persol 841 style is reminiscent of vintage Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses but with a lot more curves and a lot more Italian design flair. These Persol Ratti 841 sunglasses were produced in Persol's Ratti manufactury reserved for their highest quality production. Tell Me More

VS1965: Vintage Persol 58210 sunglasses feature an oversized front frame popularized and worn by several European Formula One race car drivers in the 1980s and unique curved cylinders in the Meflecto system that contribute to the sleek racing profile of this particular line of vintage Persols. These Persol Ratti 58210 sunglasses were produced in Persol's Ratti manufactury reserved for their highest quality production and feature the Persol Meflecto system. Tell Me More

VS1966: Vintage Persol 9247 sunglasses feature a gleaming gloss black nylon frame with the integrated Meflecto system to give the ear stems unprecedented flex and unparalleled comfort for the wearer. The black frame looks great with the brown Persol mineral glass lenses, and the curves, angles, and moderate size make these a popular choice as men's and women's sunglasses. These Persol Ratti 9247 sunglasses were produced in Persol's Ratti manufactury reserved for their highest quality production. Tell Me More

VS1967: Vintage Serengeti Drivers 5276 sunglasses are one of the classic Serengeti styles of aviator sunglasses c 1980s during the golden age of the company, when the lenses were still glass and still made by Corning Optics of Corning glass fame. The durable gold plated aviator frame is very well constructed and durable enough to hold the moderately oversized aviator lenses, and the lens tint is a perfect color complement with the gold frame. Tell Me More

VS1968: Vintage Vuarnet 084 and 4084 Skilynx sunglasses (the 4 prefix was added c 1993 to indicate the PX-4000 Skilynx lens) feature a durable and distinctive red nylon frame that's got plenty of unique curves and angles for extra design flair. While vintage Vuarnet 084 sunglasses were made in many colors over the years, red Vuarnet 084 sunglasses were produced in only small quantities and thus is quite a bit harder to find than royal blue, black, and brown hues. Tell Me More

VS1969: Vintage Revo Venture Aviator sunglasses feature a rare maroon red durable nylon frame and equally rare Revo purple mirror lenses. The purple and maroon colors are a great color complement for each other, a very early style produced c 1985 and only in very small quantities. Tell Me More

VS1970: Vintage Revo 1106 014 Small Oval sunglasses are one of the most unique, distinctive styles of sunglasses ever made regardless of maker, part of the 1980s Revo Shapes Collection and the smallest frame and lens combo Revo ever made. The yellow tortoise shell ear stems have wonderful translucence and look great with the matte gold front frame and of course the highly reflective Revo purple mirror lenses. Tell Me More

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