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VS3761: Vintage Oakley 006020-02 Badman sunglasses feature highly reflective Fire Iridium lenses in the rare Badman X Metal style which along with the Madman sought to reintroduce X Metal to the consumer marketplace after a 3 year pause when the X Squared was discontinued but were only produced for 2 short years. Even when introduced the Oakley Badman was quite expensive retailing for approximately $400 even at the time. Tell Me More

VS3762: Vintage Vuarnet 430 Skilynx glacier glasses feature the rare Vuarnet aviator style frame analogous to Ray-Ban CATS 8000 glacier glasses and produced in far fewer quantities than Vuarnet's more rounded 027 glacier glasses. These Vuarnet 430 Skilynx glacier glasses were produced c early 1980s to commemorate Vuarnet's sponsorship of the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles and feature a black nylon frame and top of the line teardrop shaped Vuarnet Skilynx PX-4000 high performance lenses. Tell Me More

VS3763: Vintage Maui Jim MJ-179 Lahaina sunglasses are a unique early Maui Jim interpretation of classic aviator sunglasses but with plenty of extra MJ design flair, an oversized black chrome aviator frame and extraordinarily eye catching and highly reflective early Maui Jim double gradient mirror mineral glass lenses. This look rivals the best aviator style frames of B&L Ray-Ban and Persol, and in fact most of our staff here at the Vintage Sunglasses Shop came down on the side of these Maui Jims even compared to those other iconic frame styles. Tell Me More

VS3764: Vintage Ray-Ban Caravan sunglasses c 1970s feature Bausch & Lomb Kalichrome lenses which you hardly ever see in the classic Ray-Ban Caravan design, here made even rarer by the fact that these Caravan Kalichromes have "shooter" or Outdoorsman ear stems that curve behind the ear for the most secure fit possible. The Caravan design was revolutionary in its lens shape, and the rounded square design proved to be perfectly suited for a wide variety of face sizes and shapes. Tell Me More

VS3765: Vintage Revo 1003 001 Sierra sunglasses were made in only very small quantities, and it's a relatively small size in the Revo line that gives you the look of John Lennon style sunglasses but with that fabulous Revo design flair! The matte black frame is sleek and elegant, and it looks great with the highly reflective purple mirror mineral glasses lenses that combine high style with high performance. Tell Me More

VS3766: Vintage Killer Loop W1160 Halfpipe performance sunglasses were produced in only small quantities for a short period of time, but the elaborate eye catching design has always made these one of the most popular styles Killer Loop ever produced. Dating to the days when Bausch & Lomb owned the Killer Loop brand along with their ownership of Ray-ban, the Halfpipe featured a distinctive geometric patter decorating the blue violet top accent rim and highly relfective blue mirror lens equaling the best of anything B&L produced. Tell Me More

VS3767: Vintage Cazal 905 001 sunglasses feature a striking black and gold plated frame with a distinctly angular front frame and very hard to find Cazal blue gradient lenses. Vintage designer sunglasses that combine a distinctively styled frame like the Cazal 905 coupled with always highly desirable blue gradient lenses are always in demand and none more so than the Cazal 905. The design is as striking from the sides as it is from the front so don't miss the elaborate ear stems. Tell Me More

VS3768: Vintage Ray-Ban W1348 Small Caravan sunglasses feature an Arista 24k gold plated frame, pearlized General bar, and 52mm Bausch & Lomb double gradient mirror lenses, a real icon that was part of the original B&L Ray-Ban Classic Metals series. The "General" brow bar on the Ray-Ban W1348 Caravan helps to provide optimal balance on the face as well as a bit of separation for those hot, sweaty days. Not to mention plenty of extra design flair! Tell Me More

VS3769: Vintage Carrera Porsche Design 5630 70 shield sunglasses are a marvel of design engineering and one of the most distinctive and intricately crafted sunglass frames you'll ever see regardless of marker. The curves and angles of the frame and lenses made this style extremely complex to manufacture and were produced in only very small quantities likely because the cost of production exceeded the price at which they could be sold at the time. Tell Me More

VS3770: Vintage Ray-Ban W2949 Sidestreet Diner Oval sunglasses are a cool, elegant design, with bronze front frame and ear stems combined with unique burl walnut colored ear pads that were only produced for the Sidestreet line. It's quite a striking color combination, and the size and shape of these vintage Ray-Bans made them popular as men's and women's sunglasses back during their introduction in the mid 1990s and makes them enduringly popular today. Tell Me More

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