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VS1651: Vintage Persol Ratti 649 VL sunglasses feature very rare Ratti Neophan lenses, an amazing mineral glass lens with a blue - gray tint that's been the choice of Hollywood celebrities like Steve McQueen since their introduction in the 1970s. The translucent Italian tortoise shell frame is a perfect complement for the Neophan lenses, with beautiful yellow bands intersecting the orange tortoise to great effect. Tell Me More

VS1652: Vintage Persol Ratti 649 V/E sunglasses combine an orange tortoise shell front frame with yellow tortoise shell ear stems, a color contrast that's subtle but really effective and eye catching. It seems only the Italians can make tortoise shell frames with this degree of translucence, and it looks great with the Persol brown mineral glass lenses long admired for their superior optical properties. Tell Me More

VS1653: Vintage Persol Ratti 649 VL sunglasses feature the low production, hard to find light ash frame that has tints of orange to give it that unmistakable look of this well known Persol 649 variation. It's a beautiful color that goes perfectly with the Persol brown gradient mineral glass lenses, a pair of sunglasses that will serve you well for anything from partial to full sun. You'll find the Persol arrow along cylinders and pins of the patented Persol Meflecto system on both ear stems. Tell Me More

VS1654: Vintage Persol Ratti 828 sunglasses feature a sleek, racing inspired frame in that beautiful Italian tortoise shell that it seems only the Italians can produce with this degree of translucence. Persol 828 sunglasses are a mix of curves and angles, with a wide enclosed nose bridge that helps to give the Persol 828 its distinctive look. You'll find the cylinders and pins of the patented Persol Meflecto system on both ear stems, giving them unparalleled flexibility. Tell Me More

VS1655: Vintage Persol Ratti 69245 sunglasses feature a beautiful light orange tortoise shell frame and Persol brown mineral glass lenses, a classic from the gold age of sunglass production at Persol's Ratti manufacturing facility in Turin, Italy. Persol 69245 sunglasses are a larger style among the Persol line, perfect for men with larger faces or women who like the oversized sunglasses look it's hard to find in Persol. Tell Me More

VS1656: Vintage Raybert sunglasses c 1950s - early 1950s feature a translucent French frame that really lets the light shine through analogous to a Ray-Ban Wayfarer Frost frame but with much more translucence. Temples and ear stems are elaborately decorated with etched designs studded with rhinestones. Tell Me More

VS1657: Vintage Serengeti 5359 Vermilion sunglasses are a durable, high performance sports frame that's extremely flexible and made from an advanced rubber compound patented by Serengeti in the 1990s. They provide both comfort and performance, but the real stars of the show are the Serengeti Vermilion double gradient mirror lenses made by Corning Optics of Corning glass fame. The silver mirror exterior coatings are applied to a rose colored base lens with rich blue - purple anti-glare coatings on the rear. Tell Me More

VS1658: Vintage Julbo Sherpa 079 glacier glasses feature Julbo Spectron 3 blue mirror lenses, high performance alpine quality lenses made to reflect arctic glare and look super cool at the same time. The Julbo Sherpa frame is flexible rubber, both comfortable to wear and guaranteed not to stick to your skin no matter how extreme the cold. Black Leather side blinkers protect your eyes from wind, glare, and wind driven snow coming in from the sides. Tell Me More

VS1659: Vintage Ray-Ban Sun Song sunglasses are one of the rarest of the vintage B&L Ray-Ban cat eye sunglasses, produced in much fewer numbers than their early contemporaries like the Marcellina and Lisbon. You'll love the deeply carved frame in cool patterns that decorate both temples and ear stems of the Ray-Ban Sun Song. Don't miss the subtle color shading that change into at least 3 distinct hues from the mauve front frame and around the temples and down the stems. Tell Me More

VS1660: Vintage American Optical Ful Vue sunglasses are one of the rarest styles in antique sunglasses and goggles, featuring the HC3 safety lens wherein the upper half of the lens is the super cool blue and the lower half is clear. This allows you to see the world blue when looking out and up but having clear, unfiltered vision when looking down. This early style of AO Ful Vue started life as safety goggles used in welding and other tasks wherein fire, heat, and glare threatened damage to one's eyes. Tell Me More

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