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VS2481: Vintage Oakley Juliet sunglasses feature a sleek Plasma X Metal frame, highly reflective Fire Iridium lenses, and super cool red ear pads and hinge inserts known around the world for their use on the low production Michael Jordan line of vintage Oakleys c late 1990s / very early 2000s. Oakley Fire Iridium lenses are made using superheated metallic oxides which are fused to the lens at the molecular level, permanently bonding to create a uniform filtering layer that optimizes contrast and minimizes glare. Tell Me More

VS2482: Vintage Oakley A Wire sunglasses feature the super cool Z configuration ear stems of the first generation of the Oakley A Wire in an eye catching Polished chrome frame and Oakley Gold Iridium lenses to round out the look. You'll note the subtle difference in shape in the first generation A Wire, a slightly larger lens that both looks great and gives some added eye protection. Tell Me More

VS2483: Vintage Cazal 770 302 sunglasses are another elaborate design of Cazal founder Cara Zalloni, and we think you'll agree that the alternating gold and black ebony strips of the Cazal 770 ear stems and nose bridge coupled with the cool blue lenses and translucent eye cups is one of the best styles ever produced by Cazal. Tell Me More

VS2484: Vintage B&L Bausch & Lomb P-3 Rounds 12k GF Ful Vue sunglasses c 1940s were one of the very earliest styles ever produced by Bausch & Lomb, an intricately etched gold frame that looks great with the equally early Bausch & Lomb RB-3 mineral glass lenses, the 3nd shade of Ray Ban Glass which block about 70% of visible light and 100% of UV. You can't beat the quality of these early B&L12k gold filled Ful Vue Outdoorsman (much rarer than those with regular paddle ear stems). Tell Me More

VS2485: Vintage Ray-Ban L0255 Olympian I Deluxe Easy Riders sunglasses feature a gleaming gold plated frame and a design that combines angles and curves into one of the most unique and recognizable shapes in vintage sunglasses.. Ray-Ban Olympian I Easy Riders were inspired by the movie of the same name and worn by Peter Fonda in the movie, and it was one of the earliest sunglass designs to "wrap", i.e. to contour more closely to the face to protect your eyes from wind and glare from the sides. Tell Me More

VS2486: Vintage Serengeti 5350 sunglasses feature a classically styled matte black frame and Corning Optics rose colored Vermilion lenses, the rarest and most sought after of all vintage Serengeti sunglasses lenses. Serengeti Vermilion double gradient mirror and anti-reflection coated lenses." Marketing literature from the period goes on to note that "their built-in Spectral Control filters sharpen images for extraordinary visibility and eye comfort in all daylight weather conditions". Tell Me More

VS2487: Vintage Oakley Ti Square Wire sunglasses feature a lightweight, high performance design that combines the light weight of titanium with Oakley Black Iridium lenses to make the Ti Square Wire perfect for everything from sports to a fancy cocktail party. Few of this style were produced, so it's one of the few Oakleys you can be pretty confident you can wear out without any fear of anyone else also wearing your sunglasses. Tell Me More

VS2488: Vintage Oakley Juliet sunglasses are a first generation, low production variation featuring a Polished Juliet frame and very hard to find Oakley Fire Iridium polarized lenses. You'll love the vibrant colors and hues of red and yellow that really come out in the sunlight, and the already impressive optical properties of vintage Oakley lenses are further enhanced by this polarized version of the Fire Iridium. Tell Me More

VS2489: Vintage Alpina TR5 sunglasses c 1988 were another iconic style of sunglasses produced by Alpina back in the 1980s, rivaled only by equally iconic Alpina M1 sunglasses. But the Alpina TR 5 is a more lightweight design, arguably a bit more comfortable to wear and with a fantastic blend of curves and angles designed to provide optimal eye protection from all directions. Tell Me More

VS2490: Vintage Versace S50 26M sunglasses feature a beautiful and intricately etched silver frame with the iconic Versace Medusa head logo integrated into the design. It's a striking and eye catching look, sure to get attention and perfect for both formal and casual occasions. And don't miss the close up photos of the frame that illustrate the intricate design and high quality manufacturing for which Versace sunglasses have always been known. Tell Me More

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