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VS2841: Vintage Persol 649 3 Sport sunglasses feature an elegant and eye catching mottled tortoise shell frame and brown mineral glass lenses, one of the most eye catching designs ever produced by the world famous Persol brand. Aside from the unique color and styling of the Persol Sport series frame, the 649 3 also features the Persol Meflecto system that lets the frame mold itself to the shape of the wearer’s face. Tell Me More

VS2842: Vintage Persol 58234 Patent sunglasses feature a more rounded, curvaceous shape than you typically see in vintage Persols, softening the look but retaining the eye catching distinctive design elements of vintage Persol Ratti sunglasses. This is one of the few vintage Persol styles where the Meflecto system cylinders are curved, a great design feature that's also the means by which Persol Meflecto Ratti sunglasses provide unparalleled flexibility in the ear stems for the most perfect fit possible. Tell Me More

VS2843: Vintage Persol Marte sunglasses feature a low profile, angular design that's quite different than the majority of Persol sunglasses from this period, with a gleaming gold plated front frame and tortoise shell ear stems. The Persol Meflecto system system is incorporated into the design, which here consists of 2 tiny cylinders inserted by a craftsman process into the ear stems to render them flexible, thereby assuring maximum comfort and snugness of fit. Tell Me More

VS2844: Vintage Porsche Design P8478 sunglasses feature a gold plated frame and 2 interchangeable sets of Porsche Design lenses including the rare, hard to find gold mirror. As with all authentic Porsche Design lenses, they are made of optyl, a heat-hardened plastic weighing 20% less than alternative materials that results in a reduction of allergic reactions and improved fit through a memory effect providing permanent elasticity and dimensional stability to unique lens designs. Tell Me More

VS2845: Vintage Oakley Penny sunglasses feature the very hard to find Polished X Metal frame along with highly reflective Oakley Chrome Iridium lenses. The sleek low profile design of the vintage Oakley Penny has made them enduringly popular among both men's and women's sunglasses, and of course you get the incredible space age construction and materials that went into vintage Oakley Juliet, Romeo, and Penny frames. Tell Me More

VS2846: Vintage Oakley XX Twenty sunglasses feature the hard to find, low production FMJ red frame paired with highly reflective Oakley Chrome Iridium lenses. The vintage Oakley XX Twenty is an enduringly popular style, and it was produced in a variety of frame and lens combinations but none better than the hard to find red with Chrome Iridium lenses that give you high optical performance - plus they look super cool! Tell Me More

VS2847: Vintage Carrera Porsche Design 5621 71 sunglasses feature the hard to find gold and titanium silver frame along with 2 sets of interchangeable Porsche Carrera lenses - gray and the very rare blue - green gradient. The blue - green gradient lenses were only available as a special order during the latter years of the 1980s, and we think you'll agree it's one of the most eye catching lens colors they produced. Tell Me More

VS2848: Vintage Carrera Porsche Design 5623 46 sunglasses feature a gold plated Austrian frame and rare, highly reflective Porsche Design blue mirror lenses. Carrera produced mirrored lenses for their 5621 and 5623 sunglasses in only very small quantities, mostly as special orders for customers, so you just don't see to many around that have survived the years. You also get a second set of gray or brown gradient interchangeable lenses to go with the blue mirror set. Tell Me More

VS2849: Vintage Cazal Mod 958 Col 302 sunglasses feature the eye catching gold plated with black highlights variation of iconic Cazal 958 sunglasses, one of the most distinctive styles of sunglasses ever produced. Worn by celebrities including the Eurythmics, Vanilla Ice and Nathan Morris on the cover of the Boyz II Men debut album, and by Beyoncé in 2012 among others, Cazal 958 sunglasses are so unique you'll never have to worry about going out and seeing someone else wearing your sunglasses. Tell Me More

VS2850: Vintage Alpina FM 21 sunglasses feature an eye catching and rare rose enamel frame along with the trademark gold plated accents that give the Alpina FM 21 sunglasses their distinctive look. Alpina FM 21 sunglasses are the perfect alternative for those with smaller face sizes and women who like the look of the iconic Alpina M1 but but want a slightly smaller variation. It's a slightly softer, more rounded look with a narrower nose bridge. Tell Me More

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