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VS3171: Vintage Oakley Sub Zero Planet X 3N sunglasses c early 2000s feature the very rare Planet X 3N frame, a real collector item among both vintage Oakley collectors as well as the broader vintage sunglasses collector community. The crackle ear stems are extraordinarily rare and a perfect complement for the subtle hues of the front frame and the Positive Red Iridium lenses. In the early ’90s, Oakley founder Jim Jannard gave his engineers a challenge to design the most lightweight sunglass ever created. An engineer joked, “How much should it weigh, Zero?” Jannard’s reply: "Less than that." Tell Me More

VS3172: Vintage Vuarnet 006 Skilynx sunglasses feature a matte black frame in the style of classic Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses but with those great Vuarnet Skilynx mirrored lenses. Vuarnet PX-4000 Skilynx lenses are made from a special base, ground and polished on both sides to eliminate distortion. The double gradient mirror Vuarnet Skilynx lenses also incorporate a "blue blocker" coating on the back which offers superior protection from the sun in leisure-oriented sports and adventure activities. Tell Me More

VS3173: Vintage Vuarnet 006 sunglasses feature a shape that's reminiscent of vintage Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses, and in addition to the distinctive styling of the durable matte brown nylon frame you also get high performance Vuarnet PX-2000 lenses in this low production variation of the 006. The Vuarnet PX 2000 lens is a brown base lens with anti-reflective interior coating to provide excellent color perception with subtle enhancement of color and contrast. It's ideal for everyday use and driving. Tell Me More

VS3174: Vintage Giorgio Armani 1531 1144 sunglasses are one of the very few wrap designs ever produced by the House of Armani, remiscent in style and shape with vintage B&L Ray-Ban Inertia sunglasses but here with very rare Armani top gradient mirror lenses. These highly reflective lenses are heavily mirrored at the top but graduate to less and less mirror as you move to the bottom of the lenses. Tell Me More

VS3175: Vintage Alpina M1 sunglasses are the ones you'll want if you're really into black (we can't help thinking about the Good Charlotte song All Black....), a low production variation of the M1 dating to its first generation production in West Germany prior to German reunification. Legendary Alpina M1 sunglasses have long been the choice of celebrities which include Stevie Wonder, Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, Victoria Beckham, and many more. Tell Me More

VS3176: Vintage Alpina Targa Florio TF 35 sunglasses c 1980s are a unique Alpina interpretation of classic aviator sunglasses but with that unmistakable Alpina design flair, combining an eye catching lens shape with gold plated top accent contrasted with silver screws and Tortuga tortoise shell lower front frame. Note the finely crafted workmanship evident in every design detail of these low production Alpina Targa Florio sunglasses. Tell Me More

VS3177: Vintage Bausch & Lomb 12k GF Ful Vue Kalichrome Outdoorsman sunglasses are the rare 12k gold plated version of iconic original B&L AN6531 military aviators and incredibly popular with hunters and shooters - and fashion aficionados - in the years after World War II and still incredibly popular and rare today. This is the style from which all future B&L Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses and shooters originate, featuring Bausch & Lomb Kalichrome C yellow mineral glass lenses first developed around this time specifically for hunters and shooters. Tell Me More

VS3178: Vintage Oakley Straight Jacket sunglasses feature the rare burnt orange frame and Oakley Violet Iridium lenses, one of the hardest to find of all vintage Oakley frame and lens combinations and we think you'll agree one of the very best. This is a very eye catching color combination with the rich orange hues of the frame contrasting with the eye catching Oakley Violet Iridium lenses. Tell Me More

VS3179: Vintage Oakley Straight Jacket leather sunglasses were produced in only very small quantities, made in the years surrounding the introduction of Oakley Mars Michael Jordan leather wrapped sunglasses and then brought to their Straight Jacket line in the form you see here. Note the very high quality workmanship, with the orange leather forming the perfect complement for the highly reflective Oakley Gold Iridium lenses. Tell Me More

VS3180: Vintage Oakley Juliet Ducati sunglasses c 2003 feature the low production X Metal Carbon frame along with blue Oakley Ice Iridium lenses, a sleek, high performance design collaboration between Oakley and Ducati that's long been the choice of athletes and professional sports personalities the world over including Michael Jordan, Ichiro Suzuki and Juan Pablo Montoya. Back in the 1990s, no one engineered sculptural metal frames because the eyewear would be too heavy. Tell Me More

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