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VS2641: Vintage Bausch & Lomb Type II Rectangles Kalichrome sunglasses feature the amazing properties of the Bausch & Lomb Kalichrome C lens paired with this early B&L Type II Art Deco inspired nickel plate which produces a silver lustre. The Type II frame is extremely strong and durable, most typically used as safety glasses but then adopted by B&L as the frame of choice for their very first production of Kalichrome lenses for hunters and shooters. Tell Me More

VS2642: Vintage Oakley frogskins Emerald Iridium sunglasses are always in high demand, with the highly reflective Emerald Iridium polarized lenses being a perfect complement for the durable matte black frame. Oakley Frogskins are reminiscent in size and shape to vintage Ray-Ban Wayfarers but lighter in weight and with plenty of extra design flair. Tell Me More

VS2643: Vintage Vuarnet 080 Nautilux sunglasses feature a durable black nylon frame with classic styling, but the real stars of the show are the iconic Vuarnet Nautilux lenses. Vuarnet Nautilux lenses feature anti-reflective interior coatings and double gradient blue exterior filters, a very technical, all weather lens conceived to protect against the strong reflection of the sea and against the tiring glaze of hazy conditions. Tell Me More

VS2644: Vintage Vuarnet 003 Skilynx sunglasses feature the hard to find 2 tone brown fade nylon frame combined with the amazing Vuarnet Skilynx double gradient mirrored lenses for a unique statement in vintage sunglasses. Vuarnet PX-4000 Skilynx lenses are gradient mirror lenses which reflect rather than absorb glare. Glare reduction is particularly important to ski eyewear and goggles, for harmful UV rays reflect off the snow to challenge vision. Tell Me More

VS2645: Vintage Vuarnet 027 black glacier glasses feature the very hard to find variation with black French nylon frame, black leather side blinkers and nose guard, and top of the line Vuarnet PX-5000 lenses featured in the James Bond 007 movie Spectre. The black leather side blinkers will protect your eyes from wind and glare coming from the sides and fold inward for storage. The Vuarnet PX 5000 lens is a special purpose brown-based lens designed for use at high elevations and for light sensitive eyes, mountain climbers, pilots, etc. Tell Me More

VS2646: Vintage Willson WCSGF48 folding safety motorcycle goggles have been all the rage for the last 10 years as super cool vintage motorcycle goggles, and these are the real thing c 1930s - 1940s. These rugged, durable folding goggles also have Willsonite "Super Tough" Shade 2 lenses, arguably the world's first safety glass lens designed and manufactured by Willson Products of Reading PA and sold around the world whilte global distribution was still in its infancy. Tell Me More

VS2647: Vintage Oakley XX sunglasses feature a cool silver frame with orange highlights, a perfect color complement for the highly reflective Oakley Fire Iridium lenses. The subtle wrap design of the Oakley XX is designed to contour more closely to the face, giving you added protection from wind and glare from the sides. And you'll love how the Fire Iridium lenses pick up color hues of yellow, orange, and ruby out in the sunlight. Tell Me More

VS2648: Vintage Oakley Penny Titanium sunglasses are a sleek, low profile cousin of the vintage Oakley Juliet, and the vintage Penny has made its way into numerous action movies of the last 30 years including the X-Men, Terminator, and Transformers movies. The Oakley Penny Titanium frame is known for its strength-to-weight ratio that maximizes comfort and durability. Changeable nosebobs, flex couplers, and temple shocks create fully adaptable sunglasses that allow you to tailor the frame for a perfect fit. Tell Me More

VS2649: Vintage Oakley Juliet sunglasses feature the sleek, high performanced polished X Metal frame coupled with highly reflective and eye catching Oakley Ruby Iridium lenses. You'll love how the Oakley Ruby Iridium lenses pick up color hues of orange, red, and yellow out in the sunlight! The Oakley Juliet is a classic in sunglasses design and even resident in design museums, and if you've never tried on vintage Oakley Juliet sunglasses you'll be amazed at the flexibility made possible by the center nose coupling. Tell Me More

VS2650: Vintage Alpina M1 sunglasses feature a very rare frame and lens combination among vintage Alpina M1s, a beautiful mix of silver front frame with gold M1 accent and rivets along with gold plated ear stems and green Alpina lenses. That combination of silver and gold is really eye catching and adds extra design flair to the already unique shape of vintage Alpina M1 racing sunglasses. Alpina M1 sunglasses are an icon of modern sunglasses design since their introduction in the early 1980s. Tell Me More

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