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VS2281: Vintage Cazal Mod 198 Col 180 sunglasses feature very rare Cazal blue mirror lenses, produced in only very small quantities and perfectly complemented by the super cool white with stripes Cazal 198 frame. The gold plating adds a final bit of design flair to the temples and nose bridge, and this is a style that embodies all of the best design features of vintage Cazals and the rarity of the highly reflective blue mirror lenses. Tell Me More

VS2282: Vintage Cazal Mod 333 Col 695 sunglasses feature a lovely blond tortoise shell frame along with flowing blue and purple top and side highlights and elaborately formed gold plated ear stems. The angular shape and open design of the stems was very hard and expensive to manufacture, typical of Cara Zalloni's (the founder of Cazal) designs from this period. Take a good look at the color combination of blue/purple and blond tortoise shell - one of the best looking color groups of all time. Tell Me More

VS2283: Vintage Cazal Mod 319 Col 621 sunglasses feature a unique mottled beige frame that you're just not going to see from any other designer, and along with the eye catching color you also get the elaborate geometric construction of those unique, one of a kind ear stems - very difficult and expensive to manufacture. The predominant beige color looks great with the brown Cazal lenses, and this is a style that ensures you'll look as good from the side as from the front and dating to the 1980s. Tell Me More

VS2284: Vintage Cazal Mod 956 Col 373 sunglasses c 1980s feature alternating red and black diagonal lines on the temples and nose bridge, a unique and eye catching design that's sure to generate questions and compliments most every time you weear them. The open cut construction at the sides adds even more design flair, typical of the elaborate designs of Cara Zalloni, the founder of Cazal sunglasses, during this period preceding the reunification of Germany in 1990. Tell Me More

VS2285: Vintage Cazal Mod 656 Col 001 sunglasses is sleek, elegant, and moderately oversized, one of the favorite styles of modern day music industry celebrities and it's easy to see why. The combination of black ebony with gleaming gold plating is quite striking, and the unique design coupled with blue gradient lenses to round out the look ensures there won't be anyone else wearing your style of sunglasses regardless of the venue. Tell Me More

VS2286: Vintage Cazal Mod 314 Col 633 sunglasses c 1980s feature eye catching color accents of blue and turquoise set against the background of a uniquely shaped clear translucent frame. The curves and angles of the Cazal 314 have made them enduringly popular over the years as both men's and women's sunglasses, seen on the faces of celebrities like Christie Brinkley and in countless fashion shoots in the world's fashion magazines. Tell Me More

VS2287: Vintage Cazal Mod 198 Col 621 sunglasses feature a unique mottled beige frame with white and gold plated highlights that you're just not going to see from any other designer, and along with the eye catching color you also get brown gradient lenses and the open double bar design ear stems that's one of the trademark design features of Cazal sunglasses. The predominant beige color looks great with the brown Cazal lenses. Tell Me More

VS2288: Vintage Cazal Mod 191 Col 300 sunglasses feature all the design flair you've come to expect in vintage Cazal sunglasses designs from the 1980s, with super cool colors of blue, turquoise, and gold plating all set against a uniquely shaped clear translucent frame. It's a wonderful frame made even greater by the combination of blue gradient lenses as the perfect color complement to the Cazal 191 300 frame. Tell Me More

VS2289: Vintage Ray-Ban W2348 Sidestreet Metro sunglasses feature a unique enclosed steel gray nose bridge and translucent gray ear stems, all combined with Bausch & Lomb G-15 anti-glare lenses for a variation on similar Ray-Ban Sidestreet Curb Square sunglasses. It's a classic and elegant style combining angles and curves, suitable for both formal and casual occasions. Tell Me More

VS2290: Vintage Ray-Ban W2662 Sidestreet Undercurrent sunglasses feature a unique chrome banded front frame with exposed closure that holds the Bausch & Lomb brown B-15 lenses in place coupled with translucent bronze ear stems with chrome accents near the hinge points. Ray-Ban W2662 Sidestreet sunglasses are a sleek, industrial look that were known as one of the hardest fo find Sidestreet styles when introduced back in the mid 1990s. Tell Me More

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