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VS3341: Vintage Maui Jim MJ-154 Sundance sunglasses feature a finely crafted gold metal frame with typically high quality Oliver Peoples design flourishes in a classic style that's suitable for everything from sports to the most formal of occasions. In addition, you get the early vintage Maui Jim top gradient mirror lenses, made of mineral glass and a far cry from the lightweight flimsy plastic MJ lenses of today. Tell Me More

VS3342: Vintage Jean Paul Gaultier 56-6107 sunglasses feature arguably the most eye catching frame and lens combo you'll find here at the Vintage Sunglasses Shop, a very rare c 1992 design with an elaborately crafted frame of twisting metal flourishes and highly reflective and even rarer JPG purple mirrored lenses which pick up addiitonal hues of red and gold out in the sunlight. Taking design clues from 1950s French cat eye sunglasses, Gaultier updates the look for the modern era. Tell Me More

VS3343: Vintage Oliver Peoples 506 382 sunglasses feature and eye catching tortoise shell frame with great translucence and color highlights in the iconic OP 506 style. Don't miss the intricate, finely crafted etching of both ear stems and nose bridge along with the use of brass rivets in this classic Oliver Peoples style! Tell Me More

VS3344: Vintage Oliver Peoples 501 clip on sunglasses feature the rare black version of iconic OP 501 sunglasses along with matching clip ons, giving you two distinct looks with or without the clip on sunglasses and perfect for those who might need prescription RX lenses. Don't miss the fine intricately etched detail of both metal ear stems, hinges, and nose bridge along with the design flourishes of selectively placed rivets! Tell Me More

VS3345: Vintage Oliver Peoples O'Malley sunglasses feature the rare 2 tone O'Malley frame produced in only small quantities and one of the hardest to find variations of iconic OP O'Malley sunglasses along with rare San Onofre Curves lenses. San Onofre Curves lenses were limited edition 12 base curve lenses, normal front curves on sunglasses are 6 base curve,so these lenses provide 180 degree distortion free viewing, great for sports. Tell Me More

VS3346: Vintage Small Caravan G-15 clip on sunglasses are quite hard to find and even more so in their original B&L Ray-Ban leather case. Designed to clip on to any small Caravan or analogous style frame, the full clip on measures approximately 4.125" side to side with each lens measuring approximately 1.75" x 1.5" at the widest points. Tell Me More

VS3347: Vintage Ray-Ban W1717 Asbury Rectangle sunglasses feature an ultra stylish black frame that exudes style and quality, sure to get you noticed with its distinctive retro styling most anywhere you go. The black nylon frame is a perfect color complement for the Bausch & Lomb green mineral glass lenses, making this a style that's equally at home at formal or casual occasions. Tell Me More

VS3348: Vintage Ray-Ban W2342 Sidestreet Curb Square sunglasses feature a sleek modern look, a design explostion of translucent gray ear stems, chrome hinges, and a matte silver nose bridge which all come together for the stars of the show, the Bausch & Lomb blue mirror lenses in their distinctive Sidestreet Curb Square angular shape. The color contrast of silver and blue is really eye catching, and the highly reflective blue mirror lenses will pick up additional hues of red and purple out in the sunlight. Tell Me More

VS3349: Vintage Ray-Ban Wayfarer black ebony purple mirror sunglasses are one of the rarest frame and lens combinations among any of the vintage Wayfarer frame and lens combos Bausch & Lomb produced over their 60+ years of stewardship of the Ray-Ban brand. Bausch & Lomb produced only a small number of purple mirror lenses, for colored mirror lenses proved difficult for them to make compared with the much more common silver mirror lenses they produced for their aviators. Tell Me More

VS3350: Vintage Revo 3022 080 Spider Flex blue mirror sunglasses feature a gleaming chrome wrap sunglasses frame, designed for sports and active outdoor activities when you want the frame and lenses to contour more closely to the face for added glare protection from the sides. Sleek and high performance, Revo 3022 080 sunglasses also feature highly reflective Revo blue mirror lenses that pick up great additional hues of red and purple out in the sunlight. Tell Me More

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