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VS1251: Vintage Alpina 3731 Ice glacier glasses are one of the finest and best looking glacier glasses ever produced by any manufacturer, ready for rugged mountain use and extreme cold temperatures. The rubber nose guard and ear pads keep the frame from sticking to the skin in extreme conditions, and the side shields protect your eyes from wind, glare, and snow coming in from the sides but are also vented to keep the lenses from fogging. Tell Me More

VS1252: Vintage Alpina 5665 Arctis II glacier glasses are a high performance model of vintage Alpina glacier glasses, and we think you'll agree that there are none finer to look at than these vintage Arctis II's. The fully mirrored Alpina teardrop shaped aviator lenses use advanced optical technology to reflect glare and protect your eyes from UVA and UVB rays as well as blue light. Normally the lenses might be the main attraction, but in the Arctis II check out the mottled tortoise shell frame. Tell Me More

VS1253: Vintage Alpina 0287 Ice II glacier glasses feature a beautiful tortoise shell nose bridge, rubber ear pads to keep the glasses from sticking to your face in extreme cold conditions, brown leather side blinkers, and alpina CeramiC double gradient mirror lenses. These are high performance Alpina glacier glasses that are equally at home on the mountain or on a motorcycle or out on the town. The Alpina CermiC lenses are highly reflective mirrored lenses, a double gradient mirror lens. Tell Me More

VS1254: Vintage Alpina G 85 Genesis Project sunglasses are one of the most beautiful designs Alpina ever produced, a very special limited edition known as the Genesis Project. The top accent bar is the star of the show, alternating angled bands of brushed gold and tortoise shell. There's separation between this top accent bar and the lenses which adds some additional design flair, and you'll also love the look of the Genesis Project frame from behind which has a series of gold screws that hold this work of art together. Tell Me More

VS1255: Vintage Alpina Ice glacier glasses feature Alpina Ice double gradient mirror lenses, black leather snap on nose guard, black leather side blinkers, and white rubber ear stem sockets to keep these high performance glacier glasses from sticking to your face. The leather side blinkers are vented to prevent lens fogging in extreme cold, and the nose protector can be removed so they can be worn without it if you so desire. Tell Me More

VS1256: Vintage Giorgio Armani 627 815 sunglasses feature a brushed gunmetal frame and black and gunmetal ear stems, a sleek and elegant look when combined with the green Armani mineral glass lenses in these Armani 627 sunglasses. We like the exposed wire frame on the stems that complements the black front stem and ear pads, and the pewter colored frame is a perfect complement to the black and exudes that typical Armani design flair. Tell Me More

VS1257: Vintage Giorgio Armani 641 743 sunglasses feature uniquely shaped brown mineral glasses lenses set in a gold plated frame and beautiful tortoise shell ear stems. The tortoise stems have color shading you'll only find in fine vintage Italian sunglasses, with significant hues of orange, yellow, and black all coming together into an elegant and eye catching design. Tell Me More

VS1258: Vintage Giorgio Armani 623 776 sunglasses are one of the rarest and most sought after of all vintage Armani designs, and it's easy to see why. The Armani 623 776 features a red tortoise shell frame with significant yellow highlights and a superbly designed nose bridge that combines gold banding at the top and bottom surrounding the red tortoise interior. This shade of red/yellow tortoise shell is a perfect complement for the equally hard to find green Armani mineral glass lenses. Tell Me More

VS1259: Vintage Giorgio Armani 610 744 sunglasses have the unique Armani Italian shape that collectors and fashion aficionados look for in vintage Armanis, with round mineral glass lenses, prominenty arched nose bridge, perimeter etching on the gold plated frame, and the most unique banded tortoise shell ear stems we've seen in vintage Armani sunglasses. You'll love the prominent light vertical highlights on the tortoise stems, which gives them the effect of being banded. Tell Me More

VS1260: Vintage Giorgio Armani 317 157 Gatsby sunglasses are one of the hardest to find styles of vintage Giorgio Armani sunglasses, highly sought after and uniquely distinctive in their design. There are numerous design features for which Armani 317 sunglasses are known, including the highly arched gold nose bridge, prominent frame screws on each side of the bridge, and the rich tortoise shell Italian frame with yellow highlights. Tell Me More

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