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VS3521: Vintage Oakley Romeo 1.0 Titanium sunglasses feature Gold Iridium lenses with the original bone finish frame that has a bit more beige tint than the more matte silver tint that soon followed, two early Titanium frame subtle color variations of one of the most instantly identifiable and most highly sought after styles of sunglasses regardless of brand. What makes this pair special are the red rubber couplings and ear pads from the Michael Jordan line, an eye catching extra to what is already a pretty amazing pair of sunglasses. Tell Me More

VS3522: Vintage Oakley Juliet Carbon sunglasses feature the revolutionary carbon X Metal frame and highly reflective Fire Iridium lenses, a sleek high performance look that's been the frame and lens choice of many sports figures over the years. Menacing yet stylish, the Oakley Juliet is an icon of modern sunglasses design with a subtle wrap design that contours closely to the face to improve eye and glare protection, and the revolutionary creation of X Metal used in vintage Oakley Juliets and Pennys was an ultra-lightweight titanium alloy resulting in an entirely new frame design. Tell Me More

VS3523: Vintage Oakley Zero 0.4 sunglasses are enduringly popular regardless of the specific frame and lens variation, but we think you'll agree that none is better than the rare "Glitter Gulch" frame with highly reflective Oakley Gold Iridium lenses. You really have to be in the sunlight to really see all the subtle pattern color and variations in the Glitter Gulch frame, and the overall design of the 0.4 remains as distinctive today as it was when first introduced.. Tell Me More

VS3524: Vintage Oakley A Wire sunglasses feature the iconic thick A Wire matte silver frame with subtle wrap contours and Oakley Emerald Iridium mirrored lenses. With added thickness around the perimeter of the front frame, the thick wire variation gives you extra frame strength along with a highly distinctive look. The high tech metal A-Wire frame is a sleek, high performance example of early vintage Oakley sunglasses. Tell Me More

VS3525: Vintage Oakley C Wire sunglasses are the low production cousin of Oakley E Wires and A Wires, with far fewer made over fewer years and thus much harder to still find today. You'll note the slightly more elongated lens shape of the C Wire, less oval than the E Wire and smaller than the A Wire. The high performance matte black metal frame is the perfect color complement for the Oakley Black Iridium lenses, and it all comes together into a sleek and elegant look. Tell Me More

VS3526: Vintage Oakley Juliet Carbon Ducati sunglasses feature the revolutionary carbon X Metal frame, highly reflective Ruby Iridium lenses, and red pads and couplers used in Oakley's collaboration pieces with Ducati of high performance motorcycle fame. The vintage Oakley Juliet Carbon is a sleek high performance design that's been the frame and lens choice of many sports figures over the years. Menacing yet stylish, the Oakley Juliet is an icon of modern sunglasses design. Tell Me More

VS3527: Oakley Frogskins 009013-67 Urban Jungle 24k Iridium sunglasses feature the matte sepia frame with great translucence plus those super cool Urban Jungle collection stripes, and no other Oakley lenses would round out the look like these 24k Iridium lenses that provide one of the richest gold mirror effects of any brand of sunglasses. We think this may be arguably the best - or certainly among the very best - Frogskins frame and lens combinations ever made in this iconic Oakley style line. Tell Me More

VS3528: Vintage Oakley Romeo 1.0 Michael Jordan sunglasses feature a low first generation X Metal frame and serial number, Oakley Fire Iridium lenses and trademark Jordan red ear and pads and couplers which all come together in what we think you'll agree is one of the best overall combinations of frame and lenses of any vintage Romeo ever produced. Oakley Romeo sunglasses created quite a sensation at their introduction c 1997, and stores around the world featured advertising displays to market Michael Jordan wearing Oakley Romeo and Mars sunglasses. Tell Me More

VS3529: Vintage American Optical AO 72 steampunk goggles are so early and in such amazing condition that we are very tempted to conclude that they are in fact unworn new old stock stored somewhere long ago for many, many years as they are as mint as anything this old will ever be without being fakes. And these are no fakes, that's for sure. The only flaws you see are some minor cracking in the leather, a bit of oxidation in places that can be removed if you so choose but we wouldn't. Tell Me More

VS3530: Vintage Revo 1405 040 Amadeus sunglasses feature an eye catching, distinctively styled deep orange and yellow tortoise shell front frame with great black highlights along with intricately etched matte black metal ear stems that all come together with the brown mineral glass lenses for a great look. Revo 1405 Amadeus sunglasses are part of Revo's early style line c late 1980s, and they were a design departure from the more traditional shapes that had preceded it in the Revo Shapes collection. Tell Me More

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