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VS071: Vintage Ray-Ban bullet hole shooters c 1980s - early 1990s are an icon of modern sunglasses design, full of innovation including the center ring "bullet hole", the "General" brow bar, shooter ear stems for the most secure fit possible, and of course the famous Bausch & Lomb G-15 anti-glare lenses. To produce these famous frames, gold is permanently bonded to premium grade steel which was specially alloyed for both strength and malleability. Tell Me More

VS072: Vintage Revo 3047 080 sunglasses feature a sleek, low profile chrome wrap frame along with top of the line Revo stealth mirror h20 polarized lenses for one of the last great styles of vintage Revos c mid 1990s before the company was sadly sold in 1998. Don't miss the subtly curves of the ear stems that along with the front frame will give you added eye protection from the sides, and you'll find the Revo logo impressed in the metal of both stems. Tell Me More

VS073:Vintage Revo 953 001 Combo Round sunglasses feature a sleek matte black frame coupled with intricately etched gunmetal silver ear stems and nose bridge along with highly reflective Revo purple mirror lenses. Revo didn't produce many purple mirror lenses during their golden age, and the highly reflective purple mirror looks great set against the matte black front frome of the Revo 953. Tell Me More

VS074: Vintage Ray-Ban 12k GF bullet hole shooters feature the high end 12k gold filled Outdoorsman frame in which 1/10 of the metal in the frame is pure 12k gold and so marked. These are early as evidenced by the smaller "bullet hole" at the nose bridge, subsequently enlarged in later years and a must have for serious collectors. The bullet hole style originally marketed to hunters and shooters is full of innovation including the center ring "bullet hole", the "General" brow bar, shooter ear stems for the most secure fit possible, and of course the famous Bausch & Lomb G-15 anti-glare lenses. Tell Me More

VS075: Vintage Revo 1416 044 City Rectangle sunglasses have plenty of design bells and whistles including contrasting light and dark gunmetal front frame, gray tortoise shell ear pads, and of course Revo's highly reflective stealth mirror lenses. This is a color combination of frame and lens that's so perfectly matched that it's sure to generate questions and compliments most every time you wear them, and the sleek industrial style gives them a very modern, high tech look. Tell Me More

VS076: Rare Giorgio Armani 2524 vintage sunglasses are a unique interpretation of the classic Wayfarer sunglasses design features a rare off white frame and all the typical Armani quality touches that combine to give these vintage sunglasses a great look. Tell Me More

VS077: You may never again see an example of the Revo 962 001 sunglasses with green mirrored lens and tortoise shell ear stems, and extraordinarily rare design that typically brings the highest prices of any vintage sunglasses. The Revo green mirrored lens are of exceptional quality, highly reflective just like a mirror but much more elegant in a striking green. Tell Me More

VS078: Vintage Revo 1205 011 Aptos sunglasses from the Revo Traveler Collection are the perfect choice if you want to evoke the period Beatles look of John Lennon but want high quality optical lenses which were unparalleled by Revos of this era. The antique silver frame is sleek brushed metal, featuring intricate etching on the nose bridge and at the corner temples that wrap around the hinge points to the area where you'll find the Revo logo impressed in the metal of each ear stem. Tell Me More

VS079: Vintage Revo 985 008 sunglasses feature a classically styled tortoise shell frame with eye catching exposed and etched metal hinges that transition back to the tortoise stems, a unique Revo design that they only used on a few model lines in the late 1980s and early 1990s. This is one of Revo's most elegant designs yet still with that unmistakable Revo flair, a rival to vintage Armanis of this period to make a statement at special events from formal to casual. Tell Me More

VS080: Vintage Revo 970 001 50s Round blue mirror sunglasses feature matte black top accents that flare out on the corners, a perfect design and color complement for the highly reflective Revo blue mirror lenses. The black Italian frame features an etched teardrop design at each temple and the Revo logo impressed in the metal of both ear stems near the spring loaded hinge points. Tell Me More

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