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VS861: Vintage Ray-Ban CATS 3000 sunglasses feature a matte black composite frame of superior quality and rare B&L Ray-Ban B-23 blue mirror lenses to make this one of the hardest to find and most sought after of any vintage Ray-Bans over the years. This is a size and shape reminiscent of the Wayfarer II, but Ray-Ban CATS 3000 sunglasses give you more curves and slimmer, sleeker ear stems when compared to the Wayfarer. Tell Me More

VS862: Vintage Ray-Ban W0493 Wayfarer Matte Crystal sunglasses feature extremely rare Bausch & Lomb B-23 blue mirror lenses in a unique and eye catching variation in the line of iconic Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses. The Matte Crystal Wayfarer frame has an amazing translucence to it, and wait until you see them out in the sunlight coupled with these highly reflective B&L B-23 blue mirror lenses. Tell Me More

VS863: Vintage Ray-Ban W1441 Wayfarer sunglasses feature a distinctive and eye catching tortoise mosaic pattern that incorporates many hues of orange, yellow, and black plus a translucence that really shimmers in the sunlight. This is one of our favorite frames among the original Wayfarer 5022 production, and it looks great with Bausch & Lomb G-15 anti-glare lenses. Tell Me More

VS864: Vintage Ray-Ban L0226 Caravan sunglasses feature 52mm Bausch & Lomb G-15 lenses, the smaller of the 2 Caravans, and are one of the icons of modern sunglasses design. When introduced, the Caravan was a shape the world had never seen before coupled with the anti-glare mineral glass lenses B&L originally developed for the US military. Tell Me More

VS865: Vintage B&L Ran-Ban bullet hole shooter sunglasses feature an Arista gold plated frame, pearlized "General" brow bar, and Bausch & Lomb brown B-15 high contrast lenses. B&L B-15 lenses were designed to effectively block out blue light which has the effect of enhancing color contrast, and they form the glass foundation of B&L's analogous Chromax lenses that enhanced these properties even further. Tell Me More

VS866: Vintage Ray-Ban W1526 Gatsby Dlx Style 2 sunglasses are one of the most distinctive styles ever produced by Bausch & Lomb during their 60 years of owning and developing the Ray-Ban brand. What most stands out are the exposed gold hinges, rounded to add further contrast with the remainder of the frame, but the gleaming tortoise shell mosaic frame is almost as prominent and is a great complement to the hinge design. Tell Me More

VS867: These vintage B&L Ray-Ban Leathers sunglasses with B&L's finest fancy stitching and B-15 top gradient mirror lenses are one of the pinnacles of the Ray-Ban Leathers line. You'll note the intricately sewn leather stitching on these Leathers TGM sunglasses, far more elaborately and thickly done than Bausch & Lomb's already outstanding quality on the Leathers line. The top gradient mirrored B-15 lenses are highly reflective mirror lenses at the top transitioning to the standard B-15 high color contrast optics at the bottom. Tell Me More

VS868: Vintage Revo 3019 080 sunglasses are known for their distinctive horizontal etching found on both ear stems, and the chrome frame of the 3019 080 looks great coupled with Revo stealth mirror H20 polarized lenses. The highly reflective stealth mirror lenses pick up plenty of hues of purple and red out in the sunlight, and the mirrored finish reflects glare and acts with polarization to protect your eyes in every manner possible. Tell Me More

VS869: Vintage Revo 1208 011 Tiburon sunglasses feature the intricate and precisely detailed etching on both of the hinges that are the trademark of Revo 1208 sunglasses, but as the perfect complement Revo 1208 011 Tiburon sunglasses add Revo blue mirrored H20 polarized lenses to the mix. It's one of the most sought after frame and lens combinations in the iconic Revo 1208 line dating to the early days of Revo production c late 1980s. Tell Me More

VS870: Vintage Ray-Ban 62mm Ambermatic Outdoorsman sunglasses feature traditional paddle ear stems for easy on and off and world famous Bausch & Lomb photochromatic Ambermatic mineral glass lenses. A great example of function in design, the "General" brow bar was designed to improve the balance of the sunglasses on the face, popularized by photos of General Douglas MacArthur in World War II. If you've ever worn a pair of Ambermatics, you'll know why they're like candy for the eyes. Tell Me More

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