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VS871: Vintage Versace S34 030 sunglasses c mid 1990s feature gold link ear stems with the trademark Versace Medusa head decorating each stem at the temple, ensuring that Versace S34 sunglasses look as amazing from the sides as they do from the front. Everything exudes the finest Italian sunglasses quality, from the unique 24k gold plated frame to distinctive design features like the unique gold link nose bridge. Tell Me More

VS872: Vintage Versace Mod. S99 Col 86M sunglasses feature a finely crafted matte gold frame and a raised silver Gianni Versace GV trademark emblem on the exterior of both ear stems. Notable design features of Versace S99 sunglasses also include thick front gold plated frame, a unique combination of curves and angles, and the black ebony ear pads which contrast wonderfully with the gold plate and the raised silver GV logo near both hinges.. Tell Me More

VS873: Vintage Versace S31 948 sunglasses feature a sleek and elegant brushed gunmetal pewter frame and rounded rectangle Versace lenses for a stylish and enduring fashion look. There's plenty of subtle design flair and intricate etching that lets the clear Italian quality shine through, and this is one of the more understated examples of original Versace sunglasses that date to the time of Gianni Versace and thus appealing to a wide group. Tell Me More

VS874: Vintage Versace Mod 458/A Col 919 Medusa Head sunglasses feature a sleek gloss black frame and the Versace trademark gold Medusa Head on both ear stems, one of the most popular Versace styles of the 1990s. The shape of Versace 458 sunglasses is reminiscent of Ray-Ban Wayfarers or the Persol 800 series, but nobody will confuse the distinctive Italian design of these Versace 458A sunglasses with anything but a Gianni Versace visioncription. Tell Me More

VS875: Vintage Bolle 553 sunglasses feature a finely constructed durable brown nylon frame in a size and shape reminiscent of vintage Vuarnet 003 sunglasses but with that unmistakable Bolle design flair with highly reflective Bolle gold mirror lenses. Tell Me More

VS876: Vintage French cat eye sunglasses were made in France c 1950s and feature a black outer frame and pearl inner frame that really adds a lot of design flair even in the 21st century. It's a sleek, low profile design that's quite popular today, and you'll note several subtle design features such as the star shaped inserts that decorate both temples and ear stems. The inner pearl frame has a translucent quality to it. Tell Me More

VS877: Vintage French cat eye sunglasses are one of the finest examples of 1950s / 1960s French cat eye sunglasses we've ever had at the Vintage Sunglasses Shop, with all the design bells and whistles that collectors and fashion aficionados alike seek out. Start with the open pattern frame with cut outs in the intricate temple design, a feature that not only looks great but is also hard to pull off from a manufacturing perspective. Tell Me More

VS878: Vintage B&L Ray-Ban cat eye sunglasses feature a very rare black glitter frame, produced in only very small quantities c 1950s and a wonderful contrast with the classic Bausch & Lomb mineral glass lenses. The closer you examine the black glitter frame, the better it looks for it's a high quality American frame that's sure to generate questions and compliments most every time you wear them. Tell Me More

VS879: Vintage Bausch & Lomb Wings sunglasses feature a rare one piece polycarbonate turquoise blue lens and a subtle wrap design which quickly became one of the top choices of pilots around the world following their introduction. B&L Wings sunglasses were the last great innovation from B&L in eyewear before selling the Ray-Ban brand to Luxottica in 1998. Tell Me More

VS880: Vintage Bausch & Lomb Wings sunglasses feature an amazing one piece polycarbonate Ambermatic lens and a subtle wrap design which quickly became one of the top choices of pilots around the world following their introduction. B&L Wings sunglasses were the last great innovation from B&L in eyewear before selling the Ray-Ban brand to Luxottica in 1998, Aside from the unique design and 1 piece lens, Wings sunglasses also used polycarbonate lenses - the same material used on airplane windshields. Tell Me More

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