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VS051: Stylish and elegant, vintage Revo 3009 086/61 sunglasses feature a thin tortoise accent that frames the Revo brown H2O polarized lenses along with matching tortoise shell ear stems. It's an elegant and eye catching look suitable for both formal and casual occasions, exuding the frame and lens quality you expect in vintage Revo sunglasses before the company was sold to Luxottica in 1998. Tell Me More

VS052: Giorgio Armani CB8224 vintage sunglasses are very hard to find and feature a sleek combination of brushed gold metal with wide and uniquely shaped tortoise shell ear stems which have the Armani logo in raised metal at each hinge point. Tell Me More

VS053: Vintage Revo 1402 010 sunglasses feature a great shape with a brushed gold metal frame and uniquely shaped Revo amber lens that combined make for a super retro look that's cool and elegant. Tell Me More

VS054: Vintage Revo 840 001 Grand Sixties sunglasses are reminiscent of vintage B&L Ray-Ban Wayfarers but feature the eye catching Italian design flair of the Revo black matte carbon fiber frame and highly reflective Revo blue mirror H20 polarized lenses. The composite frame is sturdy yet light, making this a good style for sports and active outdoor activities, and the blue mirror lenses offer 100% UVA/UVB protection in Revo's world famous optical quality not to mention they look super cool! Tell Me More

VS055: Vintage Revo 3005 084 Advanced Rectangle Flex sunglasses are one of the best high performance sports sunglasses you'll find, combining gray high endurance plastic ear stems that provide a unique color contrast with the Revo blue mirror H20 rectangular lens in a gleaming chrome frame. It's a great look ready for high performance and visual acuity from the Revo top of the line H20 polarized lens, and the frame's subtle wrap around the face helps to protect the side of the eyes. Tell Me More

VS056: Vintage Giorgio Armani 258-S 706 sunglasses feature a finely crafted matte black metal frame that has Armani's distinctively unique slightly thicker than normal front frame that gives you a look of Italian elegance that few other styles can equal. The matte black frame looks great with the green Armani mineral glass lenses, a style that those in the know will instantly recognize this as a vintage Armani sunglasses style. Tell Me More

VS057: Vintage Revo 1211 001 sunglasses are very hard to find and feature a black etched Italian frame combined with blue H20 polarized and mirrored Revo lens. The Revo 1211 style is best known for the unique shape of the lens, an elongated oval in shape but with a larger and elongated bottom curve that complements the more subtly curved top. Tell Me More

VS058: A unique style, Revo 961 005 sunglasses are extremely hard to find and have a number of subtle design features that explain the popularity if not the rarity. The front of the frame features a brushed gold and slightly flared design, more angular than many Revo styles and reminiscent in a way of vintage French cat eye sunglasses. Tell Me More

VS059: Vintage Revo 967 011 Advanced Metal Square sunglasses were a very early Revo style c 1980s featuring polarized stealth mirrored lens with great hues of red, purple and blue - a unique Revo interpretation of the classic Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses style. The brushed gunmetal frame is of typical Revo quality, perfectly finished and elegant not showy. These sunglasses have spring loaded hinges, and you'll find the Revo logo impressed in the metal on the exterior of both ear stems. Tell Me More

VS060: Vintage Ray-Ban 12k GF Kalichrome bullet hole shooters feature amazing Bausch & Lomb Kalichrome C yellow hunting and shooting lenses set in the top of the line 12k gold filled frame c 1970s. The precision ground and highly polished glass B&L Kalichrome C lens is a yellow high contrast lens free of waves or any other defects that could distort vision or cause eye strain. Ray-Ban Kalichrome lenses are famous worldwide for their ability to intensify and enhance the visual spectrum. Tell Me More

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