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VS3551: Vintage Jean Paul Gaultier 56-0174 sunglasses c 1991 are one of the most recognizable of all extraordinary JPG designs, an icon of rap and hip hop music and worn by Tupac Shakur (2Pac), Ethan Hawke, 2Chainz, A$AP Rocky, Samuel L. Jackson and other celebrities over the years. The extremely rare 56-0174 is probably the most iconic frame ever produced by Jean Paul Gaultier, and the front features a unique bolt-and-screw double bridge mounted on two triangles. The craftsmanship on the temples is truly state-of-the-art, and the length can be modified with a one of a kind triple bar construction. Tell Me More

VS3552: Vintage Revo 3011 001 sunglasses feature amazing Revo blue mirror h20 polarized mineral glass lenses in a sleek matte black metal frame to combine high style with high performance. Revo blue mirror lenses are one of the most popular of any vintage Revo lens, a silver-blue mirror coating that's going to pick up addiitonal hues of red and purple out in the sunlight. Tell Me More

VS3553: Vintage Revo 3016 080 sunglasses feature highly reflective Revo green mirror mineral glass lenses in a classically styled gleaming chrome frame, a really nice size and shape for both men's and women's sunglasses. Revo 3016 sunglasses also have spring loaded hinges for maximum comfort, and it's a high performance style that's also fashionable and elegant. The chrome frame looks great with the highly sought after green mirror lenses which only came in about 20 of Revo's original hundreds of frame styles before they sold the company in 1998. Tell Me More

VS3554: Vintage Giorgio Armani 1550 1144 sunglasses are one of the very few rimless designs they produced back in the 1990s and before their quality eroded, with paper thin ear stems and a lightweight design that's both strong and very comfortable to wear. The Armani blue lenses look great with the gleaming chrome frame, and it's a subtle wrap design that will contour more closely to the face and help keep out glare and wind from the sides. Tell Me More

VS3555: Vintage Ray-Ban L1641 Wings Aviator sunglasses feature the hard to find white nylon frame, but the real star of the show is the very rare one piece highly reflective rose double gradient mirror lens. This lens has long been viewed as the most fashionable of any vintage B&L Ray-Ban lens, designed for high performance on the ski slopes but equally at home at the most formal of events. The eye catching white Wings Aviator frame is the perfect color complement for the rose double gradient mirror lenses, and the paddle ear stems make these easier to take on and off than glacier glasses. Tell Me More

VS3556: Vintage Ray-Ban Wayfarer Street Neat sunglasses feature the beautiful gold geometric and black ebony frame and are one of the simplest but most elegant designs in the iconic Ray-Ban Street Neat line. Note the angled linear geometric design on the golden brown ear stems and stop accent while still maintaining the classic Wayfarer shape, a distinctive and eye catching effect. Tell Me More

VS3557: Vintage Giorgio Armani 621 755 sunglasses are instantly recognizable as a product of the House of Armani, with a beautiful black ebony front frame that's perfectly complemented with the gold plated nose bridge and ear stems. The Armani green mineral glass lenses have a subtle flash mirror coating applied to the front surface that gives them moderate reflectivity but much more subtle than fully mirrored lenses. Tell Me More

VS3558: Vintage Giorgio Armani 309 064 sunglasses are a style and shape you'll only find in the sunglasses portfolio of Giorgio Armani, with a wonderful yellow tortoise shell frame, large round mineral glass lenses, and steeply arched nose bridge. You won't have to worry about anyone else at your formal or casual occasion wearing the same pair of sunglasses, for Armani 309 and companion style 803 sunglasses were only made for about 2 years c mid 1980s. The yellow tortoise frame has the translucence we've come to expect in vintage Armani frames. Tell Me More

VS3559: Vintage Giorgio Armani 811 064 sunglasses have one of the best yellow tortoise shell frames you'll ever see in vintage Armanis and that's really staying something, but the 811 is also one of the very few wrap sunglasses styles Armani made during their golden years of the 1980s and 1990s. The translucent yellow tortoise frame is a perfect color complement for the green Armani mineral glass lenses, both optically outstanding and fashionable. Tell Me More

VS3560: Vintage Ray-Ban W1910 Diamond Hard sunglasses are distinctive because of their unique lens shape and of course the innovative Bausch & Lomb Diamond Hard lenses that are practically impossible to scratch, but they are arguably even harder to find in this black chrome version versus the more common Arista gold plated frame. The gold mirror finish gives these Diamond Hard mirrored lenses a look like no other in the world, a proprietary Bausch & Lomb scratch protection system that creates a lens surface of amorphous diamond that is ten times more resistant to scratching than ordinary glass. Tell Me More

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