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VS2181: Vintage Ray-Ban Wings glacier glasses feature a durable brown nylon frame, rare Bausch & Lomb one piece mirrored lens, and adjustable Outdoorsman "shooter" ear stems for the most secure fit possible. You also get brown leather side blinkers, with their lighter shade providing a great contrast with the dark to light shading of the frame itself. B&L Ray-Ban Wings sunglasses were marketed as "a futuristic interpretation of the classic aviator style, a stunning combination of innovative sunglass fashion and hi tech performance." Tell Me More

VS2182: Vintage Ray-Ban Wings glacier glasses feature a durable white nylon frame and white leather side blinkers, but the real star of the show is the rare one piece rose double gradient mirror Wings lens that's both highly reflective for superb glare protection and looks fantastic against the gleaming white frame. The leather blinkers provide great side protection from snow, wind, and glare, and the adjustable ear stems and security cord ensure you're not going to lose these glacier glasses even when skiing the most advanced terrain. Tell Me More

VS2183: Vintage B&L Ray-Ban w0594 Wings sunglasses feature a durable white nylon frame coupled with a rare one piece Wings blue mirror lens, the hardest to find color among vintage Wings sunglasses of this period and only produced in very small quantities by Bausch & Lomb. The highly reflective blue mirror lens looks great when set against the stark white Wings frame, marketed as "a futuristic interpretation of the classic aviator style, a stunning combination of innovative sunglass fashion and hi tech performance." Tell Me More

VS2184: Vintage B&L Ray-Ban Wings sunglasses offer you the eye catching combination of a durable white nylon Wings frame coupled with the rare, low production rose mirror lens that's been one of the top choices of both skiers and fashion aficionados worldwide since their introduction in the 1970s. The rose mirrored lens has a double gradient flash coating, more highly mirrored and reflective at the top and bottom with a more pronounced rose tint across the center. Tell Me More

VS2185: Vintage Ray-Ban Wings sunglasses feature the rare combination of a black chrome Wings frame and a stunning turquoise one piece Wings lens, produced in only very small quantities and one of the hardest to find frame and lens combinations in the iconic Wings line. You'll love the superior optical properties of the turquoise tint along with the superb field of vision coverage the one piece Wings lens provides and the sleekness of the black chrome frame. Tell Me More

VS2186: Vintage Ray-Ban Wings Outdoorsman sunglasses are a low production variation of the iconic gold General G-15 Wings sunglasses, with shooter ear stems to give you the most secure fit possible in all conditions and brow bar to improve the balance of the sunglasses on the face. The one piece G-15 anti-glare Wings lens looks great with the gold plated Wings frame, with the design providing superior range of vision coverage to most any other sunglass design. Tell Me More

VS2187: Vintage Ray-Ban Balorama sunglasses have a sleek, subtle wrap design that contours nicely to the face for added wind and glare protection from the sides, but you'll also enjoy the high style of the red and black ebony Balorama. Reminiscent in design to the iconic Ray-Ban Wayfarer Street Neat line, these colorful Baloramas were produced in only very small quantites and are thus highly sought after today. Tell Me More

VS2188: Rare vintage Giorgio Armani 624 786 folding sunglasses feature a beautiful Tortuga tortoise shell front frame that gives the 624 line its sleek, racing inspired look, but what will really amaze you is the advanced engineering that went into their construction which allows them to fold up into one of the smallest sizes you'll ever find in a pair of folding sunglasses. Armani 624 folding sunglasses were only made in very small quantities and feature a yellow Tortuga front frame and gold ear stems. Tell Me More

VS2189: Vintage Oakley E Wire 2.1 sunglasses feature a sleek and elegant matte pewter frame coupled with Oakley Black Iridium lenses which all combine for a great look in this icon of modern sunglasses design. The Oakley E-Wire frame is comprised of 5 distinct metal alloys, and the Black Iridium lenses are formed from plutonite which blocks 100% of UVA, UVB, and UVC rays along with a blast of 12 microns of Iridium that balances light transmission and reduces glare. Tell Me More

VS2190: We often get asked about vintage Bausch & Lomb Steampunk safety goggles which show their age with 70 years of tarnish but have not been cleaned, and yet which have near mint condition lenses and all parts original and fully functioning. In response to this demand, we maintain a few listings when available of items that reflect this condition state to satisfy motorcycle enthusiasts who prefer aged condition to our typical selections which have either not been worn enough to produce this or have been meticulously cleaned and polished. Tell Me More

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