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VS3421: Vintage Ray-Ban Leathers Outdoorsman sunglasses feature a light brown English bridle leather covering an Arista gold plated Outdoorsman frame along with Bausch & Lomb Changeables photochromatic lenses. B&L Changeables photochromatic lenses will darken considerably out in the sunlight via optical properties infused into the glass and not a coating that will ever wear out or wear off. The "General" brow bar on the Outdoorsman was so named as General Douglas MacArthur wore them during World War II. Tell Me More

VS3422: Vintage Giorgio Armani 945 268 sunglasses feature a thick oval black ebony front frame surrounded by a chrome band, a very distinctive style of vintage Armani sunglasses, and as a final complement you also get green Armani mineral glass lenses that look great with this sleek black frame. Tell Me More

VS3423: Vintage Maui Jim MJ-157 Mariner sunglasses feature rare and early Maui Jim double gradient gold mirror mineral glass lenses that will remind you more of vintage Revo lenses than today's flimsy Maui Jim polycarbonate lenses. Moreover, the MJ 157 Mariner is the iconic early Maui Jim wrap style of sunglasses seen on the faces of many major league baseball players in particular during MJ's glory years of the 1990s. Tell Me More

VS3424: Vintage Maui Jim MJ-135 Manini sunglasses feature a sleek, low profile copper frame and early Maui Jim mineral glass lenses, one of their more popular vintage styles and equally at home for both formal and casual occasions. Maui Jim MJ 135 Manini sunglasses are one of the smaller sizes they made back in these years, quite similar in size and shape to the Revo 3041 which came out at about the same time. Tell Me More

VS3425: Vintage Persol 69208 sunglasses feature a beautifully crafted and translucent tortoise shell frame produced at Persol's Ratti manufacturing facility reserved for only their top of the line production. Of course in addition to a classic Persol frame you also get their brown mineral glass lenses that optically rival the best of anything produced over the years by Bausch & Lomb, Vuarnet, Revo, or any other high end maker. Tell Me More

VS3426: Vintage Carrera 5566 20 sunglasses are the smallest size ever produced by Carrera and date to the 1980s, a very low production and hard to find style that's more in demand today than when they first came out and about as highly sought after as the smallest vintage Revo styles. You'll love the intricate workmanship that went into the Carrera 5566, evident from the eye catching design and craftsmanship, and the C Vision 400 lenses are up the the task even in extreme conditions and glare. Tell Me More

VS3427: Vintage Carrera Porsche Design 5621 56 sunglasses combine 2 of the rarest things you look for in vintage Porsche Carrera sunglasses - the 56 variation metallic blue enamel frame and the very rare gold mirror lenses only available as a special order at higher end boutiques directly from Carrera. You also get a second set of Porsche Design gray lenses giving you 2 completely different looks with one pair of sunglasses. Tell Me More

VS3428: Vintage Oakley OO Jordan Square Wire sunglasses feature the eye catching combination of a rare OO Michael Jordan Black Powder frame and Black Iridium lenses, produced in only very small quantities c 1999-2001. Don't miss the carbon fiber inserts in the ear stems while you're admiring the sleek, sports inspired look of vintage Oakley OO Square Wire sunglasses. These were part of the design collaboration between Oakley and Michael Jordan that focused on the OO. Tell Me More

VS3429: Vintage Oakley OO Jordan Square Wire sunglasses feature the eye catching combination of a Platinum OO Michael Jordan frame with rootbeer inserts and Oakley Ice Iridium lenses, produced in only small quantities c 1999-2001. An icon of modern sunglasses design, vintage Oakley OO Wire sunglasses are a great look perfect for formal or casual occasions, and the unique design with extended temples and the highly reflective Ice Iridium blue mirror lenses ensure that nobody else around is going to be wearing the same sunglasses you are. Tell Me More

VS3430: Vintage Oakley TiO2 sunglasses are light, strong, and rare, a combination of Oakley Romeo ear stems and the the Oakley Juliet lens contour with an average size of both but more inclined to the Romeos. The contrasting light and dark X Metal, Oakley X Metal is also called C5, a composite of 5 different metals that are heated and then fused together during the manufacturing process. The beauty of using C5 is that it is extremely strong, lightweight, durable and aesthetically beautiful. Tell Me More

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