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VS2291: Vintage Oakley XX sunglasses feature the rare and eye catching Oakley XX 24k gold and X metal frame along with highly reflective Oakley 24k Iridium lenses that form the perfect color complement for this 1990s Oakley design. Oakley XX 24k Iridium sunglasses have stood the test of time and were produced in only small quantities, thus making this style one of the rarest and hardest to find of all vintage Oakleys. Note the beautiful matte 24k gold finisish on the XX 24k, one of the most finely crafted sunglasses ever produced. Tell Me More

VS2292: Vintage Oakley Juliet sunglasses feature the X Metal Titanium frame, one of the most popular of all vintage Oakley Juliet and Penny frame materials, and along with the Titanium frame you also get Oakley's highly reflective Gold Iridium lenses. Oakley X Metal is also called C5, a composite of 5 different metals that are heated and then fused together during the manufacturing process. Tell Me More

VS2293: Vintage Alpina G83 Genesis Project sunglasses are notable for the unique ear stems that are attached to the very bottom edge of the front frame versus the typical top or middle connection points, a style that you're not going to see in any other brand or style of vintage sunglasses. Seen on many celebrities over the years, Alpina G83 Genesis Project sunglasses are one of the enduring modern design icons of the 20th century and produced in only very small quantities. Tell Me More

VS2294: Vintage Revo 1130 010 sunglasses are an early and low production variation of the iconic Revo 1130 style, with red tortoise ear stems that look great with the brown oval h20 polarized lenses. The Revo brown H20 lens set a new standard in the industry for advanced optical polarization, with innovation and outstanding optics that have stood the test of time. Tell Me More

VS2295: Vintage Revo 986 008 sunglasses feature a superb yellow tortoise shell frame that has great alternating colors of yellow and black, and this is also one of the few vintage Revo styles produced with round lenses that are often highly sought after for their unique design. Revo 986 sunglasses were also one of the few styles Revo produced c 1980s in the British colony of Hong Kong, prior to Hong Kong's reunification with China. Tell Me More

VS2296: Vintage Revo 1004 008 Extreme Wrap sunglasses feature an amazing yellow tortoise shell frame that only the Italians seem to be able to do with this degree of translucence, and it looks great with the hard to find Revo purple tint mirrored lenses. The Revo 1004 Extreme Wrap was designed to contour closely to the face to give you added glare protection from the sides, and the 1004 uses both the shape and a slight cup effect to the frame at the temples to make this the most streamlined of all vintage Revo designs. Tell Me More

VS2297: Vintage Revo 800 001 Venture Aviator sunglasses are an icon of modern sunglasses design, and this rare variation of the style features the very hard to find and highly reflective Revo orange mirror lenses that will pick up many other hues of red and yellow out in the sunlight. The Venture Aviator frame is made of a durable composite material. Tell Me More

VS2298: Vintage Revo 5501 sunglasses are the ones that started it all, the very first style Revo produced that tested their ability to use the mirrored lens technology pioneered in the NASA space program on high end sunglasses for the consumer market. Only a very few Revo 5501's were produced, mostly created to entice high end optical shops to begin carrying the line before giving way to the first Revo collection and the model series 700s and 800s that followed. Tell Me More

VS2299: Vintage Ray-Ban W1081 Fashion Metals Style I sunglasses were the original style of the iconic Ray-Ban Fashion Metals line, with another unique lens shape that was the most notable feature of Ray-Ban Fashion Metals. With Ray-Ban Fashion Metals like the W1081 you can be pretty certain that nobody else you see is going to have anything remotely like your sunglasses - guaranteed! Tell Me More

VS2300: Vintage Ray-Ban W2463 Classic Metals sunglasses feature the intricately etched silver plated Arista frame that's the perfect color and style complement for the rare Bausch & Lomb G-31 silver mirror lenses. The highly reflective B&L G-31 lens was the company's best known mirrored lens, with anti-reflective inner coatings and the silver mirror flash coating on the exterior to totally reflect glare. Tell Me More

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