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VS2911: Vintage Ray-Ban Vagabond sunglasses c 1980s feature a multicolor red, yellow, green, and black high performance frame coupled with amazing Bausch & Lomb Ambermatic photochromatic lenses. The B&L Ray-Ban Ambermatic lens has photochromatic properties that change density depending on the degree of both brightness and temperature. Taking its name from the color of the lens, Ray-Ban Ambermatic sunglasses change from amber yellow to gray and darker and denser in bright light conditions and in colder temperatures. Tell Me More

VS2912: Vintage Ray-Ban Caballero sunglasses feature thick, wide ear stems and a translucent tortoise shell frame, a really distinctive style that has similarities with the Ray-Ban Dekko and Onyx sunglasses but is a bit less angular in design. Your attention is drawn to the temples where they take a sharp right angle turn downward, but from there graceful curves wrap the lower potion of the lenses and back up to the nose bridge. Tell Me More

VS2913: Vintage Ray-Ban L1674 Traditionals Style C sunglasses feature a beautiful blond l tortoise shell frame in a classic style that's stood the test of time, a great color complement for the Bausch & Lomb G-15 anti-glare lenses. Ray-Ban Traditionals were introduced in the 1980s and continued into the early 1990s, a series that resurrected but modernized some iconic Ray-Ban styles over their previous 60 year history and became a runaway sales success for the company. Tell Me More

VS2914: Vintage Giorgio Armani 677 1152 sunglasses feature uniquely shaped lenses surrounded by a translucent gray accent rim that widens at the temples and gives you a classic, stylish, and uniquely Italian look. The front frame looks great with the gleaming chrome ear stems, and like all Armani 677 sunglasses they are equally at home for formal or casual occasions. Tell Me More

VS2915: Vintage Vuarnet 083 Skilynx sunglasses feature an eye catching white nylon frame in a style reminiscent of Vuarnet 003 or 084 sunglasses but with a smaller opening at the nose bridge and produced in much smaller quantities than the others and thus much harder to find. It's a durable, high performance frame suitable for sports or any formal or casual occasion, and of course the iconic Vuarnet Skilynx lenses feature double gradient mirror exterior coatings and are designed for even the most extreme glare conditions. Tell Me More

VS2916: Vintage Vuarnet 002 Olympics series sunglasses were produced in only a short production run leading up to the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles of which Vuarnet was a corporate sponsor. The Vuarnet 002 Olympic Games commemorative sunglasses were distinctive from the traditional Vuarnet 002 sunglasses due to the addition of horizontal etching on the red nylon frame at the temples and of course the repeating star symbol of the 1984 Oympics. Tell Me More

VS2917: Vintage Carrera Porsche Design 5621 sunglasses feature a gleaming gold plated Austrian frame that holds two sets of interchangeable Porsche Carrera lenses - the hard to find green and brown gradient combination. The interchangeable lenses give you two completely different looks in one pair of sunglasses, for the center hinge lifts to allow the lenses to be inserted into small prongs on the frame and then secured by lowering the hinge. Tell Me More

VS2918: Vintage Revo 1112 001 Rectangle sunglasses c 1990s feature rare green mirror lenses and eye catching orange tortoise shell ear stems, a rectangular equivalent to equally iconic Revo 962 oval green mirrror and tortoise sunglaasses. The Revo green mirror mineral glass lenses from this era are highly reflective and bring out lots of hues of blue and purple out in the sunlight, great with the matte black front frame and tortoise shell ear stems. Tell Me More

VS2919: Vintage Revo 3002 080 stealth mirror sunglasses feature a sleek dark chrome high performance frame with large, comfortable ear pads along with highly reflective Revo stealth mirror lenses. The rounded rectangle front frame looks great on a wide variety of face sizes and shapes, and you won't mistake original Revo stealth mirror mineral glass lenses produced prior to the sale of the company to Luxottica in 1998 with the cheap polycarbonate lenses of today. Tell Me More

VS2920: Vintage Cazal 955 322 sunglasses are an icon of modern sunglasses design, one of the most eye catching designs of all time that combines the rare gold and white Cazal Mod 955 frame with those distinctive side panels along with super Cazal blue gradient lenses. It's one of the best looks you'll ever see, sure to garner questions and compliments most every time you wear them. The side panels give your eyes added protection from the sides, and stylistically you'll be in good company with the many celebrities who have worn vintage Cazal sunglasses over the years. Tell Me More

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