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VS3331: Vintage Revo 1116 001 Mod Wrap sunglasses have stood the test of time in the design world to remain one of the sleekest, most modern designs you will ever see in a pair of sunglasses regardless of brand. The sleek matte black metal frame is the most distinctive design feature of Revo 1116 sunglasses, but the iconic Revo purple mirror mineral glass lenses aren't far behind and look great with the matte black frame. Tell Me More

VS3332: Vintage Serengeti 6215 Graphite Wrap Vermilion sunglasses are a unique Serengeti design that features an eye catching white front frame with dual contrasting color ear stems along with the top of the line Corning Optics rose double gradient mirror Vermilion lenses. Serengeti Vermilion lenses by Corning were marketed as "the first all weather, high performance sunglasses for skiing, sailing, and extreme exposure conditions with photochromatic. Tell Me More

VS3333: Vintage Oakley XX Twenty sunglasses feature a sleek gloss black frame paired with top of the line Oakley Ruby Iridium lenses. The vintage Oakley Twenty is an enduringly popular style, and it was produced in a variety of frame and lens combinations but it's hard to beat black ebony and the highly reflective Ruby Iridium lenses that will pick up many hues of red and orange out in the sunlight. Tell Me More

VS3334: Vintage Oakley A-Wire sunglasses feature a sleek, low profile matte black fmetal frame and highly reflective Oakley Ruby Iridium mirrored lenses that will pick up plenty of hues of red and orange out in the sunlight. These are great as sports sunglasses, but they're equally at home at even the most formal of occasions. Tell Me More

VS3335: Vintage Persol 855 sunglasses are good proof that nobody does rich, translucent yellow tortoise shell frames the way the Italians do in general and that persol does specifically. This distinctive low profile design exudes class and high quality, and the pins of the patented Persol Meflecto system provide unparalleled flexibility and comfort in the ear stems. Tell Me More

VS3336: Vintage Persol 801 54 sunglasses feature the rare Italian yellow tortoise shell with Tortuga frame that has as much translucence as any frame we've ever seen here at the Vintage Sunglasses Shop. The dark highlight colors colors of this 801 54 frame make a great contrast with the yellow tortoise, alternating light and dark shadings that really catch the eye. Persol 801 sunglasses have a very distinctive shape, with an angular design uniquely straight across the top and featuring the Persol Meflecto system. Tell Me More

VS3337: Vintage Ray-Ban W2459 Classic Collection Style 1 sunglasses are one of the most sought after styles in the Classic Metals series, with the great pinpoint etching of the silver Arista frame coupled with highly reflective B&L G-31 silver mirror lenses. The low profile design and oval lenses suit a wide variety of face sizes and shapes, and the combination of silver gunmetal with silver mirror lenses is hard to beat. Tell Me More

VS3338: Vintage Maui Jim MJ-114 Shoreline sunglasses feature a sleek, low profile design and gently sloping wood grain ear stems in one of the more distinctive designs every produced by Maui Jim in these early days of their 1990s production. The gleaming copper frme is a subtle wrap design that contours more closely to the face to give you added wind and glare protection from the sides and particularly well suited to active sports and outdoor pursuits. Tell Me More

VS3339: Vintage Maui Jim MJ-143 Tiny Bubbles sunglasses feature a beautifully etched copper front frame and hinges coupled with translucent tortoise shell ear stems, a color combination that's hard to beat regardless of the style but particularly well suited to copper. Of course you also get vintage Maui Jim mineral glass lenses, a far cry from the flimsy plastic lenses of today's MJ's. Tell Me More

VS3340: Vintage Maui Jim MJ-150 Makai top gradient mirror sunglasses feature a subtle wrap design reminiscent of vintage Ray-Ban Predator sunglasses or early Oakley styles, a look that's pretty different than any other Maui Jim of this era or any era for that matter. The finely crafted metal frame has a sleek, low profile look, and you'll love the contrast of the mottle tortoise ear stems with brass highlights that make a distinctive and eye catching contrast with the front frame. Tell Me More

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