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VS2991: Vintage Ray-Ban Leathers sunglasses with 58mm Bausch & Lomb B-15 mineral glass lenses feature supple brown English bridle leather covering the "General" brow bar in an eye catching contrast for the Arista gold plated frame. Ray-Ban Leathers are an icon in vintage sunglasses design, and period B&L Ray-Ban marketing material from the period described them as the "ultimate fashion accessory - to match your gloves, wallet, or boots" and noted their "rich and striking appearance". Tell Me More

VS2992: Vintage Ray-Ban 10k GO Kalichrome bullet hole sunglasses feature the amazing Bausch & Lomb Kalichrome C yellow hunting and shooting lens set in a super strong a B&L 12k gold filled frame. The precision ground and highly polished glass B&L Kalichrome C lens is a yellow high contrast lens free of waves or any other defects that could distort vision or cause eye strain. B&L Kalichrome lenses are famous worldwide for their ability to intensify and enhance the visual spectrum. Tell Me More

VS2993: Vintage Revo 3001 001 blue mirror sunglasses are a unique Revo interpretation of the classic aviator sunglasses shape but with that unmistakable Revo Italian flair. The stars of the show are really the Revo blue mirror mineral glass lenses, highly reflective and picking up lots of red and purple hues out in the sunlight to go with the blue, one of Revo's best loved lenses. The ear stems are sleek metal made even more interesting with the extended ear pads that begin halfway down the stems. Tell Me More

VS2994: Vintage Revo 3114 sunglasses were one of the smallest sizes ever produced by Revo, on a par with metal frames like the Revo 1104 and 1106 but here in a sleek matte black composite frame and highly reflective Revo stealth mirror lenses. Matte black and stealth is one of our favorite color combinations, and the lenses will pick up plenty of hues of red, blue, and purple out in the sunlight. Revo 3114 sunglasses are perfect for those looking for a smaller size or the "John Lennon" look. Tell Me More

VS2995: Vintage Vuarnet 374 Skilynx Olympics commemorative sunglasses feature a French brown nylon aviator frame that won't stick to your skin even in the most extreme cold conditions and Vuarnet Skilynx PX-4000 lenses, the world standard for skiers and mountaineers worldwide for 40 years. Vuarnet SKilynx lenses were designed to eliminate glare and reflection while enhancing contrast and depth of field. Tell Me More

VS2996: Vintage Vuarnet 036 Skilynx gold aviator sunglasses were produced in only very small quantities and mostly as a special order, a classic Vuarnet interpretation of gold plated aviator sunglasses but paired in this case with their iconic PX-4000 Skilynx double gradient mirror lenses. Vuarnet Skilynx lenses are made from a special base, ground and polished on both sides to eliminate distortion. Tell Me More

VS2997: Vintage Serengeti 5136 Boomslang Species sunglasses feature a strong high performance copper frame and Corning Optics photochromic high contrast mineral glass lenses, an icon of modern sunglasses design and a runaway hit when first introduced in the early 1990s. Designed for a combination of performance and style which was the hallmark of the Serengeti Boomslang Species, these vintage Serengeti 5136 sunglasses bear no resemblance whatsoever to the light and flimsy Serengeti sunglasses of today. Tell Me More

VS2998: Vintage Serengeti 5324 Strata aviator sunglasses were the top of the line performance Serengeti sunglasses from their golden years of production in the 1990s. Designed for performance and an enduringly popular choice for private and commercial pilots, these vintage Serengeti 5324 Strata sunglasses feature Corning Glass lenses and bear no resemblance whatsoever to the light and flimsy Serengeti sunglasses of today. Tell Me More

VS2999: Vintage Persol 6182 sunglasses feature a uniquely shaped tortoise shell frame with great translucence, in a style and shape reminiscent of vintage B&L Ray-Ban Wayfarer Dallas sunglasses but with that unmistakable Persol Italian flair. This shape fits a wide variety of face sizes and shapes for both men and women, and the color looks great with the brown Persol mineral glass lenses that set new standards for optical excellence when first introduced in the 1970s. Tell Me More

VS3000: Vintage Persol 58252 sunglasses feature a black ebony frame in a sleek, low profile design that looks distinctive from most other vintage Persol Ratti sunglasses of this era. One of the top of the line design features of Persol 58252 sunglasses are the curved metal inserts of the Persol Meflecto system in contrast to the more common straight inserts. The Persol Meflecto system is known worldwide for providing unparalleled comfort and flex in the ear stems by the insertion of small metal cyliners into the stems. Tell Me More

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