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VS1201: Rare vintage Giorgio Armani 624 812 folding sunglasses feature a black leather wrapped open weave front frame that gives the 624 Leathers their sleek, racing inspired look, but what will really amaze you is the advanced engineering that went into their construction which allows them to fold up into one of the smallest sizes you'll ever find in a pair of folding sunglasses. Armani 624 folding sunglasses were only made in very small quantities and feature a black leather wrapped front frame. Tell Me More

VS1202: Rare vintage Giorgio Armani 180 848 folding sunglasses were made in only very small quantities over the course of about 2 years, but when you can find a pair it's easy to marvel at the amazing engineering that went into their construction. Armani 180 folding sunglasses feature a Tortuga front frame and gold ear stems that look great with the brown Armani lenses that give this style optics as impressive as its design. Tell Me More

VS1203: Vintage Giorgio Armani 632 894 sunglasses have all the unique design features that you've come to expect in vintage Armani sunglasses and finer Italian sunglasses in general. A band of rare yellow tortoise shell surrounds the front lenses of the Armani 632 and its extended metal side temples are the distinctive design feature, but don't miss the finely detailed etching that covers the entire surface of both metal ear stems. Tell Me More

VS1204: Vintage Giorgio Armani 635 840 sunglasses are a unique Armani Italian interpretation of classic aviator sunglasses, with more curves than you'd find on the more angular Ray-Ban aviator and a color combination of dark gray gunmetal and green mineral glass lenses. We love the subtle dip downward of the top bar of the nose bridge, and the rounded lenses give the style a soft touch that makes them suitable for both formal and casual occasions. Tell Me More

VS1205: Vintage Giorgio Armani 660 743 sunglasses are one of the most distinctively shaped sunglasses ever produced by the House of Armani, a subtle wrap design great for sports and reminiscent in size and shape to vintage B&L Ray-Ban Orbs sunglasses. It's a sleek, high performance look, but what really stands out are the ear stems that widen horizontally to allow for an intricate etched design and the Armani logo to be impressed in the top surface of the stems. Tell Me More

VS1206: Vintage Giorgio Armani 664 1060 sunglasses feature uniquely shaped hexagonal Armani mineral glass lenses surrounded by a thin band of tortoise shell and matching tortoise ear stems for a superb look in Italian sunglasses. The metal hinges and nose bridge are a soft, muted color to complement the tortoise, and those surfaces are decorated with subtle, precise etching for some added design flair. Tell Me More

VS1207: Vintage Giorgio Armani 634 759 sunglasses exude the look and style of high quality Italian sunglasses, with rounded rectangular lenses framed in a thin band of tortoise shell, gold plated hinges and nose bridge, and matching tortoise shell ear stems that all combine for a really eye catching look. The Italian tortoise looks great with the brown Armani mineral glass lenses, and the single nose bridge and pseudo angular design gives Armani 634 sunglasses quite a distinctive shape. Tell Me More

VS1208: Vintage Ray-Ban cat eye sunglasses feature one of the most distinctive and stylish frames you'll ever see in vintage Ray-Bans from the 1950s and 1960s, a translucent lime green frame in the classic cat eye shape that was later branded the Lisbon by Bausch & Lomb. The color of this frame is sure to garner attention no matter where you wear them, and you'll love how it shimmers in the sunlight and forms a perfect complement to the light green B&L lenses. Tell Me More

VS1209: Vintage Carrera 5532 41 sunglasses are a typically exotic Carrera interpretation of classic aviator sunglasses, featuring a uniquely shaped and styled gold plated nose bridge, a thin band of tortoise surrounding the front lenses, and hard to find Carrera C Vision 400 blue - green gradient lenses. You'll love the curves and lightweight design of these high performance sunglasses, and the eye is naturally drawn to the design of the center nose bridge which is a shape we've never seen before. Tell Me More

VS1210: Vintage Carrera Porsche Design 5658 91 sunglasses feature rare Carrera blue gradient lenses in the famous 5658 frame, a great color combination of black and gold that is the perfect complement to the blue gradient lenses. Our buyers of the Carrera 5658 sunglasses always comment about the comfort of the uniquely designed nose bridge, with the 2 black and gold lower bars suspended and flexing from the stationary upper gold bar for the most flexible and perfect fit imaginable. Tell Me More

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