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VS151: If you prefer a unique copper Vuarnet PX Cat Eye, check out these brown Vuarnet PX cat eye sunglasses with black and silver gradient skilynx lenses as a perfect complement. There are several unique things about these early Vuarnet PX Pouilloux sunglasses - the copper color, the ridges above the lens and the nose bridge not usually seen on Vuarnets, and the raised PX logos on each ear stem along with the Vuarnet star. Tell Me More

VS152: Always in high demand and hard to find, these vintage Revo 3040 080 sunglasses feature Revo P H20 highly reflective dark mirrored lenses and a curved rectangular lens shape that looks great on a wide variety of faces. A sleek chrome Italian frame is the perfect complement to the polarized mirrored lenses. Tell Me More

VS153: Rare vintage Ray-Ban W1748 Cheyenne round yellow tortoise shell sunglasses are a very unique shape among vintage Ray-Bans sure to attract attention. There is a subtlety to the style of the Ray-Ban W1748, including the lower than normal nose bridge that has the effect of accentuating the round B&L lenses as were worn by John Lennon. The Bausch & Lomb G-15 lenses look great with the yellow tortoise shell frame, each measuring approximately 1.5" in diameter. Tell Me More

VS154: Vintage Revo 1106 001 Small Oval sunglasses are one of the rarest of all vintage Revo styles, with the bells and whistles collectors and fashion aficionados love like highly reflective Revo green mirror lenses and tortoise shell ear stems. The tortoise ear stems on the 1106, always popular, are particularly rich in hues of deep black to complement the brown tortoise shell, and nothing goes better with that than Revo's green mirror lens. Tell Me More

VS155: Cool vintage Revo 1108 011 Metal Wrap sunglasses feature a subtle wrap design and Revo's top of the line stealth mirror H20 polarized lenses set in a silver gunmetal aviator style frame. When Revo stealth mirror lens are done in polarized H20, they pick up additional hues of rose and purple colors which make the highly reflective mirror properties of the lenses even more impressive. Tell Me More

VS156: Early B&L Ray-Ban 12k gold filled 58mm shooter sunglasses c late 1960s / early 1970s feature the famous B&L G-15 lenses and the classic teardrop shape of Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses. The classic aviator look here is combined with wire cable ear stems that provide a nice, secure fit over the ears. Tell Me More

VS157: Vintage Revo 961 001 Half Moon sunglasses combine a black metal frame with Revo's highly reflective blue mirror lenses in a loosely cat eye style that all goes together for a great look! The lenses on Revo 961 sunglasses have a very unique shape, mostly flat at the top and curved downward in a symmetrical manner for a very distinctive style in vintage sunglasses. Tell Me More

VS158: Vintage Revo 1211 036 Atherton sunglasses feature an etched antique bronze Italian frame and top of the line Revo H20 polarized lenses. The lens shape in Revo 1211 sunglasses is very distinctive, an unusual shape that would be very difficult for an optical shop to replicate today. The frame has plenty of intricate etching around the lenses and down each of the 2 spring loaded ear stems, and we the Revo logo is impressed in the metal and integrated into the design of each stem. Tell Me More

VS159: Vintage Ray-Ban 5024 Wayfarer sunglasses are the original classic, sleek and cool, featuring the slightly larger size Ray-Ban Wayfarer tortoise shell frame and Bausch & Lomb G-15 anti-glare lenses. The iconic Ray-Ban Wayfarer style has been widely copied but never equaled, and "vintage style" Wayfarer sunglasses are essentially worthless in the market and do little or nothing to protect the eyes the way real Bausch & Lomb optical quality lenses do. Tell Me More

VS160: Rare and early style, these Revo 840 sunglasses are done in the Wayfarer style (compare with the classic Ray-Ban Wayfarers) and have an incredible tortoise shell frame that almost glistens in the sunlight and top of the line H20 lenses for Revo quality eye protection in all light conditions. Tell Me More

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