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VS2461: Vintage Revo 1009 001 Cool Wrap sunglasses were one of the most popular styles of the original Revo Shapes collection c mid to late 1980s, with a high performance matte black composite frame and highly reflective Revo stealth mirror lenses. There's a subtle wrap design to the Revo 1009, designed to contour more closely to the face to provide additional eye protection on all sides. The superb stealth mirror lenses not only reflect glare but look great, picking up hues of blue, red, and purple. Tell Me More

VS2462: Vintage Revo 1010 008 Cool Look sunglasses feature an eye catching yellow tortoise shell frame and Revo purple lenses. This is a sleek and elegant style, equally at home at a cocktail party or wedding receiption or at the big sports event. The yellow tortoise shell frame gives you light weight combined with toughness, and the brown base mineral glass lenses with deep purple tint give you optical performance that you'll never get in modern plastic lenses. Tell Me More

VS2463: Vintage Ray-Ban 58mm Chromax Outdoorsman sunglasses are the total package you look for in fine vintage sunglasses - a look that can't be beat with the use of gold plated frame, "General" brow bar to improve the balance on the face, Outdoorsman or "shooter" ear stems that wrap behind the ear for the most secure fit possible, and amazing Bausch & Lomb Chromax lenses. The Chromax Color Contrast Technology lenses enhance the relative intensity and contrast of critical driving colors. Tell Me More

VS2464: Vintage Ray-Ban Fantasees sunglasses feature a super strong 58mm gold plated aviator frame, "General" brow bar, and rare Bausch & Lomb blue Ultragradient lenses that take photochromatic to a new level, adapting to varying light conditions by lightening and darkening but in a much quicker, more dramatic way than B&L Changeables photochromatic lenses from this same period. Ray-Ban Fantasees lenses have never been equaled for their unique properties. Tell Me More

VS2465: Vintage Ray-Ban Flying Colors sunglasses are an icon of modern sunglasses design, but within the Flying Colors line there's no rarer variation than these 52mm (very few Flying Colors were produced in this smaller size) Flying Colors sunglasses with brown enamel front frame and gold plated ear stems. It's a unique and eye catching look, probably available as only a special order from Bausch & Lomb Ray-Ban c early 1990s. Tell Me More

VS2466: Vintage Ray-Ban W2383 Orbs Combo Oval sunglasses are a unique and eye catching design, a low production variation of the iconic Ray-Ban Orbs line which features black rubber trim surrounding both lenses to maximize the sleek, industrial look of the Orbs Combo Oval. This style was produced in only very small quantities, and we thnk you'll agree they look like no other sunglasses on the market then or since. Tell Me More

VS2467: Vintage Versace S38 030 sunglasses are a design explosion sure to attract attention and compliments most every time you wear them. The distinctive design includes a gleaming gold plated frame, eye catching Greek key pattern on the ear stems, and of course the famous Versace Medusa head to round out the elegant and stylish look. The gold plated S38 frame looks great with the oval brown Versace lenses, slightly larger than the norm for Versace sunglasses of this period. Tell Me More

VS2468: Vintage Versace S32 26M sunglasses are a fine and rare example of Versace sunglasses c mid 1990s exuding top of the line Italian quality with silver plated link chain ear stems, matching link nose bridge, and the Versace trademark silver Medusa head that decorates both ear stems. Versace production records indicate that these model S32 Medusa sunglasses were produced just before the assassination of Gianni Versace in 1997. Tell Me More

VS2469: Vintage Gargoyles Legends II sunglasses are one of the most beautiful frame and lens color combinations ever produced during the golden years of Gargoyles production, a brushed silver frame with Gargoyle's highly reflective silver mirror lenses. The subtle wrap design of the Gargoyles Legend II contours to your face to give added protection from wind and glare, and the lightweight and high performance frame and optics made them popular with well known sports figures. Tell Me More

VS2470: Vintage Oakley Frogskins sunglasses feature a beautiful Crystal Black frame that has great smoky translucence along with Oakley Chrome Iridium lenses that give you a rich, vibrant silver mirror look and optics. The Frogskins crystal black frame has the same translucence as the clear Frogskins frame, but it has more of a gray tint that's a nice complement with the highly reflective silver mirror Chrome Iridium lenses. Tell Me More

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