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VS3751: Vintage Vienna Line 1378 45 sunglasses feature a beautiful gold plated frame with blue enamal highlights, and what looks better with that great frame and lens combo than matching blue Vienna Line lenses. The Vienna Line brand was founded in the 1950s by Austrian Wilhelm Anger, former founder of Carrera and the inventor of innovative lens material Optyl. Anger had the line designed by Udo Proksch, a brilliant and prolific eyewear designer who had already worked for Carrera. Tell Me More

VS3752: Vintage Giorgio Armani 169 808 sunglasses feature a beautiful Tortuga tortoise shell sunglasses frame with amazing hues of red and gold throughout, and the matching Tortuga clip on sunglasses that give you the choice of wearing the frames as is with the plano (non-RX) lenses or putting in your own RX prescription lenses while both benefit from the matching clip ons. Armani produced very few clip on styles with matching frames, and the 169 808 maintains the look throughout. Tell Me More

VS3753: Oakley Romeo 2 Gary Scelzi sunglasses retain the distinctive design features of the original Oakley Romeo but take the design into a new space with a rimless lower front frame design and an overall sleeker and more streamlined appearance. The Oakley Romeo 2 black carbon frame looks great with the eye catching Oakley Fire Iridium lenses, arguably the best color combination for the happily menacing appearance of the Romeo 2 and one of the hardest to find today. Gary Scelzi is a famous American drag racer and midget car owner. Tell Me More

VS3754: Vintage Ray-Ban W0555 Precious Metals Outdoorsman shooter sunglasses feature very hard to find shooter ear stems to provide the most secure fit possible in all situations, a rare variation of vintage B&L Ray-Ban Precious Metals sunglasses. Precious Metals were marketed by Bausch & Lomb as an opulent blend of classic and contemporary styling, "with all the richness of your finest jewelry" in a pair of "optically superior" sunglasses. The classic Precious Metals Outdoorsman style features two-tone plating of precious metals to accentuate your eyes in a new and exciting way. Tell Me More

VS3755: Vintage Ray-Ban L1669 Traditionals Style A sunglasses are a unique B&L Ray-Ban interpretation of classic aviator sunglasses but here in a great tortoise shell frame coupled with Bausch & Lomb G-15 mineral glass lenses. This is arguably the most popular style in the Ray-Ban Traditionals style line, and we think you'll agree it's one of the best and most eye catching that's perfect for both formal and casual occasions. Tell Me More

VS3756: Vintage Revo Grand Horizon sunglasses date to the earliest founding days of Revo, with a distinctive black composite aviator style frame and highly reflective Revo blue mirror mineral glass lenses that in the first launch days of the mid 1908s was a richer, deeper shade of blue mirror than in subsequent later production. It was the Revo Grand Venture and Grand Horizon styles that first put Revo on the map, strong and durable composite frames here coupled with Revo blue mirror lenses. Tell Me More

VS3757: Vintage Killer Loop K0390 Afterburn sunglasses date to the founding days of Killer Loop when the brand was owned by Bausch & Lomb and when the quality of Killer Loops was far beyond the cheap modern ones that today you can even find in discount stores. The Killer Loop K0390 Afterburn features a beautiful mottled black frame and B&L mirrored lenses that combine for a distinctive and eye catching look. Tell Me More

VS3758: Vintage Carrera 5544 70 mirrored glacier glasses are one of the best looking examples of glacier glasses of all time, an eye catching white frame with highlights and highly reflective Carrera double gradient mirror lenses. You'll love the white leather side blinkers that give you extra protection from snow, wind, and glare coming in from the sides, and there is also a detachable leather nose guard that wraps around the nose bridge to give your nose added protection. Tell Me More

VS3759: Vintage Cazal 254 416 sunglasses feature an eye catching, multi-color top accent that decorates a typically extravagant and unique Cari Zalloni design from the early days of Cazal sunglasses c mid 1990s. You'll find hues of blue, purple, gold, and more in the top accent, a great mix of curves and angles typical of Cazal designs from this period, and these colors look great with this rare blue lens Cazal 254 variation. Tell Me More

VS3760: Vintage Cazal 955 97 sunglasses feature a stunning polished and matte gold frame with tortoise shell ear stems in the iconic Cazal 955 style, and it looks particularly good with the early Cazal brown gradient lenses. Distinctive Cazal side shields give your eyes added protection from the sides - not to mention they also look super cool! Tell Me More

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