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VS3141: Vintage Serengeti 5303 sunglasses are reminiscent in style and shape to vintage Ray-Ban black 62mm aviator sunglasses, but with the Serengeti you also get the amazing silver mirror Corning Optics mineral glass lenses that are right up there with the best lenses ever produced for optical quality - not to mention they look super cool! Vintage Serengeti sunglasses from this period of the 1990s are much in demand both for their strong durable frames and especially for their Corning Optics lenses. Tell Me More

VS3142: Vintage Alpina Targa Florio TF 35 sunglasses c 1980s are a unique Alpina interpretation of classic aviator sunglasses but with that unmistakable Alpina design flair, combining an eye catching lens shape with gold plated top accent contrasted with eye catching silver screws and gleaming black ebony ear stems. Note the finely crafted workmanship evident in every design detail of these low production Alpina Targa Florio sunglasses. Tell Me More

VS3143: Vintage Carrera 5700 90 sunglasses from the highly sought after Carrera Boeing Collection feature a sleek, streamlined matte black frame in an advanced aviator styling that forms the perfect complement for the rare blue gradient Carrera optyl high performance lenses. Carrera Boeing Collection sunglasses were produced in only small quantities, a 1980s collaboration between Carrera and Boeing to design and produce high performance eyewear for pilots. Tell Me More

VS3144: Vintage Carrera Porsche Design 5643 41 sunglasses are what you want if you like the look of vintage Porsche Design 5621 and 5623 sunglasses but find they're just too big for your liking. A lower profile and more elongated design that nevertheless retains the distinctive design elements, Porsche Carrera 5643 41 sunglasses combine an eye catching silver and gold frame with rare Porsche Design blue gradient lenses. Tell Me More

VS3145: Vintage American Optical Ful Vue 1 AN6531 Pilot sunglasses are the iconic original military version aviator sunglasses c 1930s/ 1940s, issued to Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps aviators as pilot sunglasses in the years leading up to and during World War II . This is the style from which all future AO and B&L Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses and shooters originate, here without the soon to be introduced "General" brow bar and thus the purest form of early military aviators. Tell Me More

VS3146: Vintage Cazal 746 302 sunglasses feature a classically beautiful frame of gold plating and tortoise shell highlights, but the rarity about this particular variation are the Cazal mirrored lenses produced and used in only very small quantities during this period. It's a finely crafted frame with curves, angles, and basically a design explosion all around. Tell Me More

VS3147: Vintage Cazal 856 001 sunglasses are a design icon of the 1980s, made famous by early rap and hip hop artists who were captivated with Cazal's eye catching and slightly offbeat style for which Cazal founder Cari Zalloni was indisputably famous. Cazal 856 sunglasses are known for their angular shape and mix of colors, and here in the original and we think the best variation you get the black ebony front frame and red and turquoise highlights and gold plated hinges. Tell Me More

VS3148: Vintage Cazal 957 302 sunglasses are one of our favorite vintage Cazal designs, eye catching but in a subtly elegant way that combines gold and black ebony in a uniquely styled, finely crafted frame. It's a style that's sure to be noticed most every time you wear them, and the German quality is evident throughout. Tell Me More

VS3149: Vintage 1950's cat eye sunglasses feature a "sandwich style" frame that combines different layers and colors to add lots of extra design flair to this true vintage midcentury frame. You'll love the color and rich hues of this vintage frame that's a nice complement for the early light green lenses of a shade analogous to Bausch & Lomb RB-3 lenses of this period. Tell Me More

VS3150: Vintage Versace 402 733 Perspectives sunglasses c 1980s were one of the early styles of sunglasses designed and produced by Gianni Versace, with a thick white top accent that was as distinctive when first produced as it is today. The white upper frame and ear stems are complemented with gold plating and look great with the brown gradient Versace lenses, one of the original color combinations in the Perspectives line and frequently seen on celebrities and in fashion magazines of the 1980s and 1990s. Tell Me More

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