Ray-Ban W1735 Sport Series 1 A-30 Purple Chromax Sunglasses
1 Vintage Ray-Ban W1735 Sport Series 1 sunglasses feature amazing and rare Bausch & Lomb Ace A-30 purple Chromax lenses, one of the finest lenses in one of the finest sports sunglasses frames ever made. Ray-Ban Sport Series 1 sunglasses have a sleek, modern look with a subtle wrap design to contour more closely to your face for added side protection. It's a style that originated in early vintage B&L Ray-Ban Sport Series sunglasses and later picked up on by Oakley and others. The lightweight matte black composite frame is both high performance and finely crafted, with a number of cool design features including the vertical etching on the ear stems and unique adjustable ear stems. A rubber shooter style cable stem can be released from a hook in the outer composite stem that's part of the frame; when you do this it releases the second stem which will give you an even more secure fit over the ears than with the frame stem alone. The Bausch & Lomb Ray-Ban purple A-30 lenses employ B&L's Chromax Color Contrast Technology, formulated for high performance sports uses and enhancing the visual acuity and color contrast. The unisex Ray-Ban W1735 Sport Series 1 frame measures approximately 5.5" temple to temple, and the purple Ace A-30 lenses measure approximately 2.5" x 1.75" at the widest points with right lens laser etched Ray-Ban along with the Chromax lightning bolt and both lenses laser etched BL. You'll find the Ray-Banlogo embossed on the exterior of both ear stems, and the inside of one stem is marked B&L Ray-Ban USA while the inside of the other stem is marked Sport Series 1 and on some production the W1735 model number is impressed in one of the adjustable ear stems. Rare.

Item VS760-1 / Price: $425.00

2 Step up another level beyond our already unequaled vintage condition standards with vintage B&L Ray-Ban W1735 Sport Series 1 Ace A-30 purple Chromax sunglasses in mint, unworn condition.

Item VS760-2 / Price: $485.00

3 When the Ray-Ban Sport Series 1 was introduced, some people did not like the double ear stem (the separate cable held in place on the clip) and had the separate cable removed as in this model. It's a matter of personal preference - the extra cable gave you some added security of fit but could sometimes come out of its clip when you didn't want it to. You'll find in this configuration they fit more like traditional sunglasses, not as good for active sports but easier to take on and off. They're otherwise identical in appearance and marks including the amazing Ace A-30 purple chromax lenses.

Item VS760-3 / Price: $345.00

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