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VS280: Very early vintage Bausch & Lomb 12k gold filled sunglasses c 1950s have a look that's still pretty cool in the 21st century. There are a lot of things to love about these vintage B&L sunglasses c 1950s including the top accent pattern reminiscent of snakeskin and extend down the 2 ear stems, the etched gold nose bridge. Tell Me More

VS281: Vintage B&L Ray-Ban 12k GF 58mm aviator sunglasses and paddle ear stems c 1970s are the real thing and not inferior, modern reproductions of the style an icon of modern sunglasses design here dating to the earlier years of production. Celebrities, sunglass coollectors, and those in the know seek out the authentic Bausch & Lomb Ray-Ban aviators from this period because they recognize the vast quality differences with modern Ray-Ban aviators made in Italy. Tell Me More

VS285: Vintage Ray-Ban burgundy Leathers sunglasses with rare B&L Rose Changeables lenses have been worn by Hollywood celebrities, sports figures, and other lucky individuals who appreciate the unique and - may we say - very cool style of these top of the line Ray-Ban Leathers. Burgundy is a tough color to find in vintage Ray-Ban Leathers sunglasses, and nothing looks better with them than Bausch & Lomb Changeable Rose photochromatic lenses. Tell Me More

VS287: Vintage Ray-Ban W2321 Sidestreet Rectangle sunglasses are reminiscent of some of the best Revo designs of this period but here with the high performance optics of Bausch & Lomb G-15 silver mirror lenses and a finely crafted brushed silver frame. The matte silver frame gives them a sleek and industrialized look, a perfect color complement for B&L silver mirror mineral glass lenses. Tell Me More

VS295: Vintage Ray-Ban W1272 Wayfarer Max sunglasses feature a black ebony front frame accent and ear stems along with Bausch & Lomb G-15 mineral glass lenses for one of the most recognizable and distinctive vintage sunglasses designs of all time. Ray-Ban Wayfarer Max sunglasses have the shape of traditional Wayfarers, but they transition from plastic to a thin gold band on the lower portions of both left and right lenses. Tell Me More

VS296: Vintage Ray-Ban Changeable Rose Outdoorsman aviator sunglasses are among the rarest of all vintage B&L Ray-Ban frame and lens combinations, but mostly we think you'll agree they look super cool! Decades before there were smart phones there were smart lenses pioneered by Bausch & Lomb, with these Rose Changeables lenses being the most exotic example of a larger group of lenses known as Ray-Ban Changeables with Ambermatics arguably the best known example. Tell Me More

VS299: Rare and fully photochromatic Bausch & Lomb 58mm PhotoSun lenses are set in a hard to find 10k gold B&L Arista frame that represents fairly early B&L Ray-Ban production c 1960s / early 1970s. The original Bausch & Lomb marketing materials notes that these PhotoSun lenses "were made of photochromatic glass developed by Corning Glass Works". Tell Me More

VS300: Classic B&L Ray-Ban 5022 tortoise shell Wayfarer sunglasses combine the original Ray-Ban tortoise shell shading with B&L green G-15 lenses for a super look that's stood the test of time. It's a style and combination made famous in movies from the 1970s and 1980s like Dirty Dancing. Tell Me More

VS301: Vntage Ray-Ban A-30 purple Chromax Outdoorsman aviator sunglasses from the Ray-Ban Driving Series feature rare A-30 purple Chromax lenses along with pearlized General to improve fit and balance on the face. The Ray-Ban Ace 30 Chromax Driving Series lens incorporates Chromax Color Contrast Technology which increases the relative intensity and contrast of critical driving colours (red, green and amber). Tell Me More

VS302: Vintage Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses are an icon of modern sunglasses design, but here the variation features rare B&L Ray-Ban G-31 silver mirror lenses in the gleaming tortoise shell Wayfarer frame. It's hard to beat the eye catching and distinctive look combining the classic Wayfarer frame shape with highly reflective Bausch &^ Lomb G-31 mirrored lenses. Tell Me More

VS304: Vintage B&L Ray-Ban Wings sunglasses are already very hard to find, but we think you'll agree that a pair of Ray-Ban Wings Leathers is the pinnacle of the line. These are really some amazing sunglasses, with 1 piece Bausch & Lomb lenses set in the classic Wings frame measuring 5.25" temple to temple but with front frame and both ear pads covered in tightly bonded leather to give you the ultimate in cool style. Tell Me More

VS306: Vintage B&L Ray-Ban bullet hole shooters have been all the rage for at least the last 5 years, and you'll see a reasonable number of G-15 green lenses plus a few Kalichrome C and Ambermatic lenses mixed in. However, one thing you won't usually see are Bausch & Lomb pink Changeables lenses in the classic bullet hole shooter sunglasses. Tell Me More

VS307: Vintage Ray-Ban W0331 white Flying Colors Changeables sunglasses were made in very small quantities, with bright white enamel chemically bonded to the Arista gold plated frame to create one of the most unique looks in vintage sunglasses. The frame shape is that of classic Ray-Ban 58mm aviator sunglasses, but the white enamel gives them a look all their own! The photochromatic B&L Changeables brown lenses will lighten and darken with light conditions, a property that's infused into the glass. Tell Me More

VS309: Very cool and very unusual, these vintage B&L Ray-Ban Chromax Driving Series sunglasses are one of the most unique designs the company ever produced. The W2347 Chromax sunglasses feature a sleek, industrial design reminiscent of early Oakley sunglasses but preceeding the first Oakleys by around 10 years. Tell Me More

VS310: Vintage Ray-Ban Ambermatic bullet hole shooters feature Outdoorsman ear stems that curve behind the ear for the most secure fit possible and early Bausch & Lomb Ambermatic lenses c 1960s - 1970s. Ray-Ban bullet hole shooters were originally popular with the hunting and shooting crowd because of how the "bullet hole" along with the "General" brow bar improved the balance of the sunnglasses resting on the face, but today celebrities and athletes in particular seek them out. Tell Me More

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