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VS149: Vintage Ray-Ban W0779 Leathers Round sunglasses feature rich brown English bridle leather that wraps both lenses and ear pads, and the color of the leather perfectly complements the Bausch & Lomb Changeables photochromatic lenses that will lighten or darken with varying light conditions. The photochromatic properties of Bausch & Lomb Changeables lenses are infused into the glass itself and is not a coating that can wear off or wear out over time. Tell Me More

VS153: Rare vintage Ray-Ban W1748 Cheyenne round yellow tortoise shell sunglasses are a very unique shape among vintage Ray-Bans sure to attract attention. There is a subtlety to the style of the Ray-Ban W1748, including the lower than normal nose bridge that has the effect of accentuating the round B&L lenses as were worn by John Lennon. The Bausch & Lomb G-15 lenses look great with the yellow tortoise shell frame, each measuring approximately 1.5" in diameter. Tell Me More

VS156: Vintage B&L Ray-Ban 12k GF 58mm Outdoorsman shooter sunglasses c late 1960s / early 1970s feature the famous Bausch & Lomb mineral glass anti-glare lenses and the classic teardrop shape of Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses. The classic aviator look here is combined with cable "shooter" ear stems that provide a nice, secure fit over the ears, and of course the early green 58mm B&L RB-3 lenses provide 100% UV protection and the optical quality for which vintage B&L Ray-Ban eyewear is so well known. Tell Me More

VS159: Vintage Ray-Ban W1078 Sport Metal Explorer sunglasses from the Ray-Ban Olympics Series were produced 1991-1992 to commemorate the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Spain and 1992 Winter Olympics in Albertville, France. The Ray-Ban W1078 commemorative sunglasses are a variation of iconic Ray-Ban Explorer sunglasses, just slightly more elongated and with a subtle wrap design to contour more closely to the face, and the sleek and elegant black and gold frame looks great with the B&L G-15 lenses. Tell Me More

VS163: Vintage Ray-Ban Leathers Changeables sunglasses are an icon of 20th century sunglasses design combining 2 Bausch & Lomb innovations - gold plated frames covered in supple English bridle leather and B&L Changeables photochromatic lenses that darken and change properties in different light conditions. These photochromatic optical properties are not a coating but rather are infused into the glass so it will never wear out or wear off. Tell Me More

VS168: Vintage Ray-Ban W1115 Clubmaster sunglasses ooze cool, and you've probably seen actor Jack Nicholson wearing these vintage Bausch & Lomb Ray-Ban sunglasses. The nose bridge and the bottom edge of the sunglasses are all plated in gold, while black ebony top accents and ear stems are the perfect complement to the impact resistant, constant density G-15 B&L lenses. The G-15 lens provides superior brightness control, true color rendering, and 100% UV protection. Tell Me More

VS174: If you like Ray-Ban bullet hole shooters but don't like curved wire shooter ear stems, these classic Arista gold plated bullet hole aviator sunglasses are the perfect choice. They feature the "General" double bar nose bridge with round bullet hole below, and the 62mm teardrop B&L aviator green G-15 lenses are the legendary classic. Tell Me More

VS179: Early and rare B&L Ray-Ban 10k gold filled 62mm aviator sunglasses are classics of the 1940s and 1950s when they were the choice of pilots and the military around the world - and perhaps still even more so today! There's not a lot to say about this legendary design that the pictures don't convey, with 10k gold filled Bausch & Lomb frame and B&L G-15 green anti-glare lenses. Tell Me More

VS181: Vintage Ray-Ban Ambermatic aviator sunglasses c mid 1980s - late 1990s were one of the most significant innovations in optical lens technology ever created, and even today there are no equals in how vintage Ray-Ban Ambermatic lenses change properties to provide optimal eye protection in a variety of light conditions. The B&L Ray-Ban Ambermatic lens has photochromatic properties that change density depending on the degree of both brightness and temperature, properties infused into the glass. Tell Me More

VS184: Vintage Ray-Ban 10k GF Caravan sunglasses are an icon of modern sunglasses design c 1950s - 1960s feature early Bausch & Lomb RB-3 mineral glass lenses and the 10k GF frame wherein 1/10 of the metal in the frame is 10k gold, all on the exterior plating of course. Ray-Ban Caravans have a unique lens shape that's instantly recognizable and looks great on a variety of face shapes, and the early Shade 3 lenses provide a great contrast with the gold plated frame. Tell Me More

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