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VS2638: Vintage Ray-Ban W1732 Gatsby Dlx Style 1 sunglasses feature a sleek black marble frame in a somewhat lower profile design than most Ray-Ban Gatsby sunglasses, with distinctive exposed silver hinges and G-15 mineral glass lenses. Note the subtle shadings of black and silver in this high quality Gatsby Style 1 frame. Tell Me More

VS2639: Vintage Ray-Ban Precious Metals Outdoorsman II sunglasses feature a beautiful Arista Gray frame along with Precious Metals B-15 flash mirror lenses. The Arista Gray frame color evokes the look of steel, a unique and eye catching color, and it's the perfect complement for the B-15 top gradient mirror lenses and their flash mirror coating. .The Precious Metals frame is strong and durable, far stronger than a typical B&L Ray-Ban frame - just try even bending the thin wire ear stems! Tell Me More

VS2641: Vintage Bausch & Lomb Type II Rectangles Kalichrome sunglasses feature the amazing properties of the Bausch & Lomb Kalichrome C lens paired with this early B&L Type II Art Deco inspired nickel plate which produces a silver lustre. The Type II frame is extremely strong and durable, most typically used as safety glasses but then adopted by B&L as the frame of choice for their very first production of Kalichrome lenses for hunters and shooters. Tell Me More

VS2656: Vintage Ray-Ban W2840 Highstreet Metal Oval sunglasses continue the Highstreet tradition of sleek, eye catching metal frames that are perfect for everything from the most formal to the most casual occasions. The matte gold finish of the W2840 Highstreet Metal Oval is particularly eye catching, and it looks great with the Bausch & Lomb G-15 mineral glass lenses. Tell Me More

VS2657: Vintage Ray-Ban W1655 Predator 3 sunglasses feature a sleek, high performance composite wrap design frame designed to contour more closely to the face to provide added eye protection from wind and glare from the sides. The Bausch & Lomb G-15 mineral glass lenses are the perfect complement to round out the look, a choice popular with professional athletes who want to combine fashion and performance. Tell Me More

VS2658: Bausch & Lomb Clubmaster Rounds sunglasses feature a sivler and black ebony frame in the distinctive shape of the very first 1950s release of what would ultimately become iconic B&L Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses. You can still see the origins of the more modern version of the Clubmaster in this midcentury release, and you may recall seeing Hollywood figures like Jack Nicholson wearing these original B&L Clubmaster Rounds always sure to be noticed. Tell Me More

VS2659: Vintage Ray-Ban black chrome bullet hole shooter sunglasses with highly reflective double gradient mirror lenses are one of the rarest of all B&L Ray-Bans ever made over the 70 years of Bausch & Lomb ownership of the brand. We think you'll agree that the combination of the black chrome frame - a permanently bonded finish that will stand the test of time - with the silver mirror lenses. The bullet hole design with the "General" brow bar is designed to improve the balance of the sunglasses on the face. Tell Me More

VS2681: Vintage Ray-Ban W1904 Precious Metals Masterpiece Aviator sunglasses were produced in only very small quantities but reflect the very pinnacle of finely crafted sunglasses ever produced during Bausch & Lomb's 60+ year stewardship of the Ray-Ban brand before selling the company to Luxottica in 1998. The durable Deep Groove Precious Metals frame is many times stronger than a regular Ray-Ban 58mm aviator, with 24k gold plating. Tell Me More

VS2682: Vintage Ray-Ban W1707 Explorer sunglasses from the Olympics Series were produced 1994-1996 to commemorate the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway and the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States. The Ray-Ban W1707 commemorative sunglasses are a variation of iconic Ray-Ban Explorer sunglasses, just slightly more elongated and with a subtle wrap design to contour more closely to the face. Tell Me More

VS2683: Vintage Ray-Ban W1085 Wayfarer Street Neat sunglasses in black ebony and pearl mosaic are one of the most beautiful of all vintage Ray-Ban Wayfarers. The white pearl color of the mosaic that covers both ear stems and the top portion of the front frame really glistens, and the silver hues of the white mosaic blend perfectly with the black ebony of the 2 tone contrast Street Neat frame. Tell Me More


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