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VS636: Vintage B&L Ray-Ban W0755 gold Nuevo sunglasses feature a brushed gold top frame and ear stems that hold Bausch & Lomb G-15 anti-glare lenses. The G-15 lens was originally designed for the US military to cut down on glare and to transmit all colors equally so they retain true values. There are few frames that look better with that lens than the Nuevo. Tell Me More

VS638: An original B&L Ray-Ban 58mm 12k gold filled General aviator sunglasses is an icon in the history of sunglasses, something that collectors and vintage fashion aficionados will always have in their collections. The unisex 12k gold filled frame means that these vintage aviators will stand the test of time, as they've already done since their production c 1960s. Tell Me More

VS640: Vintage Ray-Ban L1693 Driving Series sunglasses feature rare Bausch & Lomb B-15 top gradient mirror (TGM) lenses, one of the best lenses ever produced by Bausch & Lomb, with a highly reflective silver mirror coating on the top half of the lenses transitioning to constant density for the lower half. It's a great effect to look at, but it's also functional and used by those like pilots who need optimal glare protection when looking out but need to read instrument panels and LEDs down below where a mirrored lens can inhibit visual acuity. Tell Me More

VS641: Vintage Ray-Ban W2201 Duty Free Round Elite Arista sunglasses from the Classic Metals collection is in our view one of the most beautiful styles every produced by B&L Ray-Ban. You'll find the Ray-Ban logo embossed on both tortoise shell ear stems near the hinges, and the Arista frame is easy to recognize with the distinctive etching that surrounds both lenses and across the nose bridge. Tell Me More

VS642: Vintage Ray-Ban W0899 Wayfarer sunglasses are a very low production variation of iconic Ray-Ban Wayfarers, with tortoise shell Wayfarer frame and rare Bausch & Lomb RB-50 mirrored lenses. The B&L RB-50 lens is one of the finest, most advanced lenses ever produced, a unique general purpose specialty lens for moderate to extreme glare conditions with light absorption ranging from 80% to 90% but extending to 95% under cold, bright conditions making it excellent for skiing and other high glare snow sports. Tell Me More

VS643: Vintage B&L Ray-Ban W2545 Amulet sunglasses from the Rituals collection feature rare Bausch & Lomb silver mirrored lenses and "Pleasure Pink" ear stems that combine for one of the most distinctive styles among all vintage Ray-Bans. The highly reflective B&L mirrored lenses look amazing with the pink ear stems and chrome front frame. Tell Me More

VS644: Vintage Ray-Ban W1736 Sport Series 1 G-20 Chromax sunglasses feature a high performance and uniquely shaped sports sunglasses frame along with amazing Bausch & Lomb Chromax lenses. The styling of the Ray-Ban W1736 Sport Series 1 is hard to beat, with matte black composite arms, a unique nose pad design, and B&L G-20 Chromax lenses with a subtle wrap sunglasses design to provide added eye protection from the sides. Tell Me More

VS645: Vintage Ray-Ban W2797 Metal Cat sunglasses from the Rituals collection is an eye catching style that also typifies vintage B&L Ray-Ban quality in the gold plated Arista frame with tortoise shell highlights and brown B-15 mineral glass lenses. All in all, we think you'll agree it's a very distinctive look with lots of subtle design features like the double bar nose bridge and ear stems. You'll find the Ray-Ban Rituals logo on the exterior of one of the ear stems. Tell Me More

VS646: Vintage Ray-Ban W0708 Precious Metals Masterpiece aviator sunglasses feature rare and eye catching Bausch & Lomb B-20 top gradient mirror lenses in the super strong Deep Groove Ray-Ban 24k gold plated Precious Metals frame. B&L Ray-Ban produced the Precious Metals line only in very small quantities, incorporating their highest production standards and finest lenses into the designs. Every authentic Precious Metals style will have a serial number impressed in the frame denoting its unique production number. Tell Me More

VS647: Vintage Ray-Ban W2849 Sidestreet 1998 Metal Square sunglasses feature a rare matte Arista gold plated frame, G-15 lenses, and always desirable tortoise shell ear stems that combine for a great look. This is a style that is equally at home for formal or casual occasions, and the unisex frame measures approximately 5.25" temple to temple. Tell Me More

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