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VS2138: Vintage Ray-Ban A5638 sunglasses are a real collector item in that this was arguably the very last production run at the Bausch & Lomb Ray-Ban factory before the sale of the company to Luxottica closed c 1998. Of course soon after these iconic American made B&L Ray-Ban Clubmasters began to be produced in Italy and B&L ownership of the Ray-Ban brand ceased after almost 70 years of stewardship. This is still the iconic original Clubmaster with black ebony top accents. Tell Me More

VS2139: Vintage Ray-Ban W1714 Sport Wayfarer II sunglasses are one of the most colorful and certainly most collectible of any of the iconic series of B&L Ray-Ban Olympic Commemorative sunglasses, and you get the W1714 in the classic Wayfarer II style frame. We love the colors and stylized representations of many of the winter Olympics sports you'll find on the ear stems, and the combination of predominant colors blue, red, and tan makes for a really eye catching pair of sunglasses. Tell Me More

VS2140: Vintage Ray-Ban W2547 Rituals Incantatio sunglasses feature the rare silver and Mod Crystal frame, a unique shade and pattern reminiscent of gray tortoise shell that you'll only find in the iconic Ray-Ban Rituals line of sunglasses c mid 1990s. The mixed translucent clear with black and brown highlights is really eye catching, and it's a perfect color complement for the G-15 anti-glare mineral glass lenses. Note the cool silver double bar arched nose bridge for that extra design flair! Tell Me More

VS2154: Vintage Ray-Ban W1573 Round Metal Arista sunglasses from the Classic Collection feature an intricately etched Arista gold frame and Bausch & Lomb G-15 anti-glare mineral glass lenses in one of the icons of the Ray-Ban Classic Collection. One of the most classically elegant designs produced during the 60+ years of original B&L Ray-Ban production, Ray-Ban Round Metal sunglasses are perfectly at home at both formal and casual occasions. Tell Me More

VS2166: Vintage Ray-Ban L0207 52mm aviator sunglasses were the smallest of all the aviator styles Bausch & Lomb produced during their 65 years of owning the Ray-Ban brand, perfect for both men and women with smaller face sizes and an always popular choice for teens and young adults. You still get the same classic look of Ray-Ban 58mm and 62mm aviators, with gold plated frame and teardrop shape Bausch & Lomb G-15 anti-glare lenses. Tell Me More

VS2167: Vintage Ray-Ban Marcellina sunglasses feature a red tortoise shell frame in the iconic Marcellina cat eye style, a very rare color variation produced in only small quantities relative to the far more common black and orange tortoise shell Ray-Ban Marcellina sunglasses. The pronounced temple flares that curve backward are one of the most striking design features of the Marcellina line, and you would have seen Audrey Hepburn, Vivien Leigh, and other Hollywood celebrities wearing this style back in the 1960s. Tell Me More

VS2168: Vintage Ray-Ban W0362 Drifter sunglasses feature the striking combination of white pearl top accent with black ebony lower frame and ear stems, a style and color combination reminiscent of the Ray-Ban Wayfarer Street Neat line but with extra size and design flair. Ray-Ban Drifter sunglasses were originally introduced and marketed in fact as a larger and more curvaceous alternative to the lines and angles of the Wayfarer. Tell Me More

VS2169: Vintage Ray-Ban Flying Colors sunglasses feature a blue 62mm aviator frame that creates a particularly eye catching look when combined with the Bausch & Lomb G-15 mineral glass lenses - certainly not a color or style you're likely to see anyone else wearing no matter where you are. Ray-Ban Flying Colors were made in the 1970s and 1980s and quickly became an icon of modern sunglasses design, using a patented technique to permanently bond colored enamels. Tell Me More

VS2170: Vintage Ray-Ban Flying Colors sunglasses feature a light purple Flying Colors frame combined with Bausch & Lomb G-15 anti-glare lenses, a low production variation that we think you'll agree is one of the best of all the iconic Flying Colors line. You'll never see many light purple Flying Colors, even harder to find than their dark purple sibing. Ray-Ban Flying Colors were made in the 1970s and 1980s and quickly became an icon of modern sunglasses design. Tell Me More

VS2171: Vintage Ray-Ban W1747 Cheyenne Oval 3 sunglasses feature a beautiful blond tortoise shell frame accented by the uniquely shaped and etched gold plated nose bridge, one of the prominent design features of the iconic Ray-Ban Cheyenne sunglasses line. The tortoise and gold looks great with the oval B&L G-15 XLT lenses, developed in the 1990s and known as the “natural vision” lens because they absorb colors equally across the spectrum and so allow colors to be seen as they truly are. Tell Me More


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