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VS1525: Vintage early Flying Colors version of classic Ray-Ban Explorer sunglasses, a slightly more rounded shape than you find in later years and extremely rare in Flying Colors. These early Ray-Ban Flying Colors feature a country blue enamel coating permanently bonded to the metal and unrivaled in its ability to survive intact over the years. You won't find many Flying Colors of this unique shape, for the vast majority of Flying Colors were produced in the aviator style and all of them after c 1991. Tell Me More

VS1527: Vintage Ray-Ban Air Boss Rectangle sunglasses feature uniquely shaped lenses, more angular and a bit wider than the traditional Ray-Ban Air Boss to provide additional glare protection from the sides. The black chrome frame is sleek and elegant, a perfect color combination for the Bausch & Lomb G-15 anti-glare lenses. Ray-Ban G-15 lenses transmit all colors equally so they retain their true values, providing 85% visible light absorption and 100% UV protection. Tell Me More

VS1528: Vintage Ray-Ban cat eye sunglasses c 1950s features a unique color contrast frame typical of Ray-Ban women's sunglasses from this era, with contrasting colors on the exterior and interior frame and additional darker orange hightlights at the temples and nose bridge of the rear frame. B&L Ray-Ban midcentury sunglasses often employed this technique of making the inner frame as interesting as the exterior frame. Tell Me More

VS1529: Description. Tell Me More

VS1530: Vintage Ray-Ban W2737 Orbs Rectangle sunglasses feature a matte silver Orbs frame with those distinctive Orbs design features like the open cuts in the horizontal ear pads, unique rubber ear pads and nose pads, and the subtle wrap design that made Orbs the first true sports sunglasses in the world. Note the intricately constructed exposed hinge assemblies at each temple, a design feature sure to attract attention and compliments. Tell Me More

VS1563: Vintage Ray-Ban L1582 Wayfarer Woodies Driftwood sunglasses feature Bausch & Lomb B-15 anti-glare lenses, the brown mineral glass lens being a perfect complement for the faux wood of these rare B&L Ray-Ban Woodies sunglasses. The realism of Ray-Ban Woodies captured the attention of the market when first introduced in the 1980s and still endures today, a real icon of modern sunglasses design. Tell Me More

VS1564: Vintage Ray-Ban Wayfarer Woodies Light Tiki sunglasses feature Bausch & Lomb Changeables photochromatic lenses in the iconic Wayfarer Woody faux wood frame. Light Tiki was the lightest of the 3 original Woodies frame colors and today is like all original B&L Ray-Ban Woodies sunglasses very difficult to find. The B&L Changeables lenses will darken and lighten in response to light conditions, an adaptive lens whose properties are infused into the glass and not a coating that will ever wear out or wear off. Tell Me More

VS1567: Vintage Ray-Ban W1722 Chromax Asbury Seville Oval sunglasses feature a translucent blond tortoise shell frame in the iconic Ray-Ban Asbury style coupled with Bausch & Lomb Chromax color contrast mineral glass lenses. Ray-Ban Chromax lenses incorporate patented Bausch & Lomb Color Contrast Technology which enhances the relative intensity and contrast of colors like red and green. As a result, brake lights, traffic signals and signs appear brighter and easier to see. Tell Me More

VS1586: Vintage Ray-Ban W1287 Style 3 sunglasses from the Antique Collection feature an etched pewter Arista frame that holds uniquely shaped hexagonal Bausch & Lomb G-15 anti-glare lenses. This eye catching design is one of the most popular of any produced during the golden years of B&L Ray-Ban, and you'll love the distinctive pinpoint etching that decorates the entire perimeter of the front frame and arched nose bridge of the Antique Collection design. Tell Me More

VS1587: Vintage Bausch & Lomb Ray-Ban Z0319 Wings sunglasses feature a black chrome frame that's a nice contrast with the more common gold plated version and looks great with the B&L G-15 one piece Wings lens. This is a sleek and high performance look in the very distinctive style of vintage B&L Ray-Ban Wings sunglasses. They have regular paddle ear stems for easy on and off access, and the polycarbonate lens makes them lightweight and comfortable. Tell Me More

VS1611: Vintage Bausch & Lomb Ray-Ban Wings sunglasses feature a black chrome frame that's a nice contrast with the more common gold plated version, but the star of the show are the rare variation of the G-15 one piece Wings lens that has horizontal bands of red/purple highlights to add extra design flair. The lenses will pick up plenty of these red and purple hues out in the sunlight, a great contrast with the green base lens. Tell Me More


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