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VS1186: Vintage Ray-Ban L2112 Changeable Rose 58mm aviator sunglasses are one of the rarest lens types in the Ray-Ban Changeables line of photochromatic sunglasses. The beautiful rose tint to these Bausch & Lomb mineral glass lenses immediately catches the eye, and they will darken considerably in the sunlight to adapt to varying light conditions - and why they were known as the world's first "smart lens" technology. Tell Me More

VS1187: Vintage Bausch & Lomb Expressions W0080 Style 7 sunglasses feature B&L blue gradient lenses in a uniquely styled Bausch & Lomb red and black ebony frame c mid 1990s. You'll love the color combination of black and red along with the flourish on the temples, which all come together perfectly with the B&L blue gradient lenses. B&L Expressions lenses are lightweight with true optical quality that gives you distortion free vision and effective protection from glare. Tell Me More

VS1188: Vintage Ray-Ban 12k GF Caravan shooter sunglasses are a rare, very low production variation of iconic B&L Ray-Ban Caravan sunglasses. The 12k gold filled frame is not only Bausch & Lomb's top of the line gold plating, but note the intricate etching that decorates both ear stems near the hinges that was reserved for only their most valuable, highest priced Ray-Bans. Tell Me More

VS1189: Vintage Ray-Ban Changeables sunglasses feature Bausch & Lomb gray Changeable lenses, photochromatic to adapt to varying light conditions and perfectly suited for those who don't like to take their sunglasses on and off all the time going in and out of stores and buildings. These 62mm Changeables also have "The General" brow bar that improves the balance of the sunglasses on the face. Tell Me More

VS1191: Vintage Ray-Ban Arista Round sunglasses feature Bausch & Lomb RB-50 lenses in one of the rarest of any B&L Ray-Ban ever produced - in fact, a handmade pair that was 1 of only 100 every produced. These were made to commemorate the opening of the Bausch & Lomb Waterford plant on October 25, 1991 in a limited edition of 100, complete with a real leather B&L Ray-Ban case and commemorative felt lined wood box. Tell Me More

VS1195: Vintage B&L Bausch & Lomb W0211 Style 15 sunglasses have a style reminiscent of Jackie O, with a moderately overiszed red nylon frame and B&L blue-gray gradient lenses that are the perfect color complement to the frame. If you like perching your glasses on the top of your head, you'll appreciate how the absence of traditional nose pads will keep your hair from getting tangled in the frame. Tell Me More

VS1208: Vintage Ray-Ban cat eye sunglasses feature one of the most distinctive and stylish frames you'll ever see in vintage Ray-Bans from the 1950s and 1960s, a translucent lime green frame in the classic cat eye shape that was later branded the Lisbon by Bausch & Lomb. The color of this frame is sure to garner attention no matter where you wear them, and you'll love how it shimmers in the sunlight and forms a perfect complement to the light green B&L lenses. Tell Me More

VS1211: Vintage Ray-Ban W0871 Wayfarer II folding sunglasses are a real engineering marvel, folding up to a package no larger than a single lens and fitting within the included pocket size Wayfarer II folding sunglasses B&L Ray-Ban case. The ear stems fold inward halfway down the stem, and then the stems fold inward and the hinged nose bridge folds inward to create this amazingly small package. When unfolded, you have a full size pair of matte black Ray-Ban Wayfarer II sunglasses. Tell Me More

VS1212: Vintage Ray-Ban Wayfarer Mirrored Ambermatic sunglasses are one of the rarest of all variations of vintage Ray-Ban Wayfarers, with superb mirrored Ambermatic lenses that combine the glare reflection of a mirrored lens with the photochromatic properties of Ray-Ban Ambermatics. Bausch & Lomb Ambermatic lens properties are infused into the glass and not a coating that will wear out or wear off, and on these rare lenses the rear of the lens really shows the Ambermatic gold color. Tell Me More

VS1213: Vintage Ray-Ban W3084 Diner Oval Duty Free Elite sunglasses are a beautiful and elegant style, with tortoise shell ear stems with plenty of black highlights and etched gold hinges and nose bridge. The oval Bausch & Lomb B-15 lenses are the perfect color complement for the Ray-Ban W3084 Duty Free Elite frame, designed to enhance and sharpen color contrast in all light conditions while providing 100% UVA and UVB protection. In addition to the tortoise shell stems, a thin band of tortoise also surrounds the perimeter of the front lenses. Tell Me More

VS1214: Vintage Ray-Ban W0797 Onyx sunglasses feature a beautiful tortoise shell frame with plenty of translucence that lets light pass through and creates a shimmer in the tortoise frame. All the distinctive design features of Ray-Ban Onyx sunglasses are here including the thick tapered ear stems and the large, pronounced temples that look like an ultra modern version of 1950s cat eye sunglasses. Tell Me More

VS1215: Vintage Ray-Ban black Caravan sunglasses are the black chrome variation of the classic gold plated Caravan, but trust us that you'll see 50 gold plated Caravans for every one pair of black Caravan sunglasses. The Ray-Ban Caravan is an iconic design, one of the 2 or 3 styles Bausch & Lomb is best known for producing during their 60 years of stewardship of the Ray-Ban brand. While black Caravans are hard to find in general, it's particularly rare to see them with the Bausch & Lomb RB-3 lenses you'll find in this fine example. Tell Me More


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