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VS385: Vintage Ray-Ban W1677 Classic Metals Round Metal sunglasses feature the desirable and very hard to find bronze with bronze chip front frame, a rare variation of tortoise shell with great hues of pink and red for so much extra design flair. The exposed portions of the brushed gold Arista frame perfectly complement the look of the tortoise shell front frame, and the matching bronze chip ear pads complete the look. Tell Me More

VS386: Vintage Ray-Ban W1265 oval Clubmaster with blond tortoise shell accents and RB-3 lenses have an incredible look reminiscent of vintage Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses but with lots more style and panache. Ray-Ban W1265 sunglasses are a design explosion, with light tortoise shell frame tops and ear stems, a gleaming gold plated nose bridge, and B&L green RB-3 lenses that are both etched BL in the glass near the hinge points. Tell Me More

VS387: Vintage B&L Ray-Ban W0669 black Signet sunglasses are a unique black frame variation of the classic Ray-Ban gold Signets, and we think it goes great with 52mm B&L G-15 lenses. We like classic gold Signets too, but we have to say we think the black with green G-15 lenses in this classic design might be even better! Tell Me More

VS388: Vintage B&L Ray-Ban W1758 1940s Retro Aviator Arista sunglasses exude high quality from the first glance, evident in part by the 24k gold plated Arista frame with trademark edge etching that adds plenty of design flair. It's a beautiful design produced early 1990s and designed as an updated, top of the line throwback to the original B&L aviators first being produced in the 1940s. Tell Me More

VS389: Vintage B&L Ray-Ban W1681 matte tortoise Wayfarer II sunglasses with extremely rare - and might we also say super cool - gold mirror Bausch & Lomb lenses. Possibly the rarest and certainly one of the most desirable of any classic B&L Ray-Ban Wayfarer, you will definitely attract attention and generate compliments wearing these striking gold mirror Wayfarers. Tell Me More

VS390: Vintage Ray-Ban W2834 Sidestreet 1998 sunglasses feature a translucent light tortoise shell frame, elegant and stylish coupled with oval Bausch & Lomb G-15 anti-glare mineral glass lenses c. mid 1990s. This series of Ray-Ban Sidestreet sunglasses were known for their clean lines and distinctive shape, and while they also came in black we think the tortoise shell is hard to beat. Tell Me More

VS391: Vintage B&L Ray-Ban W2464 Classic Metals Large Metals 62mm silver mirror aviator sunglasses are very hard to find and pretty stunning to look at. This is a really beautiful frame and lens combination, with the gunmetal silver aviator frame the perfect complement to the rare silver mirror Bausch & Lomb teardrop aviator lenses. Tell Me More

VS392: Vintage B&L Ray-Ban W1117 Clubmaster II sunglasses feature the most desirable tortoise top accents and Bausch & Lomb B-15 brown lenses which combine for one of our favorite color and lens combinations in the iconic Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses line. Tell Me More

VS393: If you want the next step up, Vintage B&L Ray-Ban W2052 Chromax Clubmaster sunglasses from the Ray-Ban Driving Series have the classic Clubmaster style and features but paired with the amazing Bausch & Lomb B-20 Chromax lenses. Tell Me More

VS394: Vintage Ray-Ban W2775 Sidestreet sunglasses are a cool, elegant shape perfect for both men and women, one of the most popular styles in the iconic Ray-Ban Sidestreet line. The combination of matte black with the Bausch & Lomb G-15 anti-glare lenses produces a sleek, high performance look you can wear to both formal or casual occasions with equal confidence. Tell Me More

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