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VS466: Vintage Giorgio Armani 177 840 etched gunmetal sunglasses have a unique and distinctive shape with a lot of Italian design flourishes along the way for added flair. These are very reminiscent of sunglasses that John Lennon of the Beatles wore in the 1970s, and nobody does this look better than Giorgio Armani. Tell Me More

VS468: Vintage Giorgio Armani 418 015 tortoise shell sunglasses have the classically elegant Giorgio Armani look with rounded lenses, slightly extended temples, and arched nose bridge in an Italian tortoise shell frame. Gold accents decorate the corners of the front frame and hinges, and Giorgio Armani is embossed on each ear stem. Tell Me More

VS469: Vintage Giorgio Armani 627 721 Tortuga sunglasses are hard to find and hard to give up when you find them, with uniquely formed ear stems and a thin band of Tortuga, an eye catching red tortoise shell that surrounds each lens. We think you'll agree this combination of Tortuga and gold plating is one of the most elegant designs ever produced by Armani, and it's distinctive as only a finely crafted pair of Italian sunglasses from this period can be. Tell Me More

VS470: Vintage Giorgio Armani 652 722 etched gunmetal sunglasses have some of the most interesting and precise etching in the gunmetal frame that we've ever seen here, and it's a style statement that's sure to be noticed. The pewter gunmetal Italian frame looks great with the green mineral glass lenses that measure approximately 1.75" x 1.5" at the widest points. Tell Me More

VS471: Vintage Giorgio Armani 2521 485 sunglasses are a layered design, tricky in manufacturing but great looking when you pull it off. The front frame is a royal blue while the rear frame is an off white trending to gray, and when you put the 2 together around the Armani rectangular optical glass lenses it really makes a design statement. Tell Me More

VS474: Vintage Giorgio Armani 637 883 sunglasses feature rounded rectangular lenses and beautiful yellow and orange Italian tortoise shell ear stems for one of the most elegant designs ever produced by Armani. The black metal frame doesn't detract from the stars of the show which are the yellow tortoise stems and the unique shape of these vintage Giorgio Armani optical glass lenses. Tell Me More

VS475:Vintage Giorgio Armani 707 884 sunglasses feature a brushed antique gold frame, tortoise ear pads, and oval Armani mineral glass lenses that measure approximately 1.875" x 1.125" at the widest points with both laser etched GA near the hinges. Tell Me More

VS483: Vintage Giorgio Armani 633 883 sunglasses have everything one looks for in the finest Italian designer sunglasses, with intricately etched black metal hinges, tortoise shell ear stems that have great colors of black and red tortoise throughout, and black chrome front frame and nose bridge. Tell Me More

VS487: Vintage Giorgio Armani sunglasses are always popular, but one of the most requested styles we get are vintage Armanis that combine the light brown photochromatic lenses with separate matching Armani clip on sunglasses. That's what you have here with these vintage Giorgio Armani 118 719 sunglasses and matching clip ons. Tell Me More

VS490: Vintage Giorgio Armani 672 1082 sunglasses feature the much desired Armani Italian tortoise shell frame and ear stems that have yellow highlights and really look great with all skin tones. The thicker than norm front frame is a distinctive Armani design trait, and we love the oval lens shape that measures approximately 1.875" x 1.125" at the widest points. Tell Me More

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