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VS1538: Vintage Giorgio Armani 826 147 glacier sunglasses are the rare and unique Armani yellow tortoise shell and black interpretation of glacier glasses. You'll love the color contrast between the yellow tortoise shell front frame and the jet black ear stems and folding blinkers. Those blinkers fold inward to allow for closing up the sunglasses for storage, but you'll love the added side protection they provide from snow, wind, and raim - ready for all weather conditions. Tell Me More

VS1539: Vintage Giorgio Armani 822 013-S sunglasses are one of the most distinctive styles ever produced by the House of Armani, the result of a costly manufacturing process that will be immediately evident as you see the intricate gold etching of the nose bridge, temple decorations, and ear stems of the Armani 822. Tell Me More

VS1540: Vintage Giorgio Armani 708 905 sunglasses feature a dark gray metal frame with distinctive etched detail surrounding the front lenses for some added design flair. Armani 708 sunglasses were made in a number of variations, but this combination of rich frame color and green Armani lenses gives them a sleek and elegant look. Tell Me More

VS1541: Vintage Giorgio Armani 665 1064 sunglasses feature a light turqouise accent that surrounds the front lenses of the 665, and it makes a great color contrast with the chrome ear stems, hinges, and nose bridge. Note the raised ball detail that flares out on each ear stem, a thin and elegant design that evokes the subtleties of fine Italian design. Tell Me More

VS1542: Vintage Giorgio Armani 664 904 sunglasses feature unique hexagonal brown mineral glass lenses in an antique gold front frame with incredibly rich, translucent tortoise shell ear stems. Armani 664 sunglasses were one of the most popular styles among celebrities in the 1990s, a regular fixture at the Oscars and Emmy Awards for many years - and it's easy to see why. The hexagonal brown mineral glass lenses are quite hard to cut in that shape, and they look great with the antique gold. Tell Me More

VS1543: Vintage Giorgio Armani 655 983 sunglasses feature rare and flashy yellow tortoise shell eye cups that form the rear of both mineral glass lenses, designed to contour closely to the face to give your eyes complete protection from wind, glare, and of course 100% UVA and UVB protection. You'll love the yellow tortoise shell ear stems with embossed Armani logo which round out the look, and the entire color package looks great with the brown Armani mineral glass lenses. Tell Me More

VS1544: Vintage Giorgio armani 221 816 sunglasses feature uniquely shaped lenses, an elongated oval that aside from looking great fits amazingly well against the face. The gold frame and ear stems are of typically top of the line Italian quality, and the color looks great with the brown Armani mineral glass lenses. Tell Me More

VS1545: Vintage Giorgio Armani 177 759 sunglasses feature the elegant combination of gold and tortoise shell, a look that can't be beat and perfect for both formal and casual occasions. A thin rim of tortoise shell rings the front frame to tie together with the tortoise ear stems, and the highly arched nose bridge contrasted with the largely oval lenses creates a nice design twist. Tell Me More

VS1546: Vintage Giorgio Armani 172 707 sunglasses feature a uniquely shaped front frame and beautiful Italian tortoise shell ear stems that really have great yellow highlights and translucence. You'll love the intricate etching of the gunmetal silver front frame and hinges, and the color looks great with the light tortoise stems and green Armani mineral glass lenses. Tell Me More

VS1547: Vintage Giorgio Armani 163 808 frame and matching clip on sunglasses feature a beautiful red Tortuga frame, remiiscent of tortoise shell but with more hues of red and bronze for a most distinctive look unique to fine Italian sunglasses. The color is really eye catching, and the Tortuga really complements a wide variety of skin tones to give a very distinctive look. You'll recieve the frame as well as the matching Armani 163 clip on sunglasses, a low production style that's quite hard to find. Tell Me More


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