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VS698: Vintage Giorgio Armani 655 985 sunglasses feature the rare Armani Italian side cup design that both gives you extra eye protection on the sides but also looks super cool. The Armani side cup sunglasses were not made in large quantities, and they were especially popular in Europe and in cold weather climates because of the added protection on the sides but stopping short of full size glacier glasses. Tell Me More

VS714: Vintage Giorgio Armani 192 721 sunglasses are a beautiful tortoise shell Italian design, with tortoise ear stems and front frame accented by a gold nose bridge and hinges. The tortoise stems have translucent properties that really catch the light, and the front frame will pick up hues of red to complement the tortoise. Tell Me More

VS729: Vintage Giorgio Armani 826 149 yellow tortoise shell sunglasses are one of the most unique styles ever produced by Armani, produced in only very small quantities and quite rare. The pictures speak for themselves with these Armani 826 sunglasses, from the gleaming Italian yellow tortoise frame to the side blinkers that fold inward for closure and provide your eyes with extra protection on the sides. Tell Me More

VS752: Vintage Giorgio Armani 942 052 orange and black tortoise shell sunglasses are one of the most distinctive designs ever produced by the House of Armani c late 1980s / early 1990s. Armani 942 sunglasses are instantly noticeable by the thick tortoise ear stems and front frame, a style characteristic you'll find in many of the Armani 900 series frame styles. Tell Me More

VS753: Vintage Giorgio Armani 666 1066 sunglasses are one of the most distinctive designs ever produced by Giorgio Armani - of any brand of fine Italian sunglasses. The blue eye cups are what stand out in Armani 666 sunglasses, and the color really looks great with the green Armani mineral glass lenses and black ear stems. Tell Me More

VS757: Vintage Giorgio Armani 633 840 yellow tortoise shell Italian sunglasses have the unique elegance for which vintage Giorgio Armani sunglasses have long been associated. One of our very favorite vintage Giorgio Armani sunglasses styles, Armani 633 sunglasses with unique and distinctive Armani yellow tortoise ear stems and silver frame with etched black hinges really make a fashion statement. Tell Me More

VS762: Vintage Giorgio Armani 101 741 sunglasses feature the rare Armani Italian yellow tortoise shell frame with brushed and accented metal ear stems and brown mineral glass lenses. Italian tortoise shell designs always stand out for their quality and translucence, and no brand does so more than the Armani 101 741 variation in yellow tortoise. Tell Me More

VS774: Vintage Giorgio Armani 708 1054 sunglasses feature the rare red -yellow Tortuga etched metal frame that's one of the most distinctive of any Armani sunglass design. This is an elegant and understated style in terms of the size and shape, but the unique color of the Tortuga metal frame gives the 708 1054 it's design flair. Tell Me More

VS822: Vintage Giorgio Armani 250 1021 sunglasses are one of the most elegant designs ever produced by Armani, a beautiful Italian frame with tortoise shell ear stems along with the matching clip on sunglasses in a great brown tint. These early vintage Armani styles with clip ons are popular both for those who like the look of cool Italian glasses as is plus those who like to put their own RX prescription in the frame and use the matching Armani clip on sunglasses. Tell Me More

VS827: Vintage Giorgio Armani 132 750 sunglasses are a classic style and shape with gold frame and tortoise ear pads, but you'll note a lot of subtle quality design flourishes like the thin band of tortoise shell that surrounds the front lenses and the brown Armani mineral glass lenses. The gold plated ear stems have some raised detailing near the hinges, and the tortoise ear pads tie together the design back to the thin tortoise band surrounding the lenses of the front frame. Tell Me More


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