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VS1485: Vintage Giorgio Armani 639 816 sunglasses feature brown mineral glass Armani lenses in a classic size and shape, but the real star of the show are the gleaming Italian yellow tortoise shell ear stems. Note the exposed metal hinges that give even more design flair to the 639 design, an elegant style that's guaranteed to draw attention and compliments most every time you wear them. Tell Me More

VS1487: Vintage Giorgio Armani 945 020 sunglasses are from the iconic 900 series of vintage Armani sunglasses, with the distinctively wide front frame and ear stems in a beautiful black frame that only the Italians seem to be able to do right. The matte black metal nose bridge and rim that surrounds the front lenses is a nice contrast with the gloss black, but the shape is really the star of the show with the thick oval front frame and thick, tapering ear stems. Tell Me More

VS1488: Vintage Giorgio Armani 919 069 sunglasses feature an amazing yellow tortoise shell frame with significant black highlights, a frame color and style that only the Italians seem to be able to do right. Armani 919 sunglasses are a very distinctive style, produced in only very small quantities and notable for the very thick, eye catching front frame design unique to the House of Armani. Tell Me More

VS1531: Vintage Giorgio Armani 666 1067 sunglasses feature rich tortoise shell eye cups that form the rear of both mineral glass lenses, designed to contour closely to the face to give your eyes complete protection from wind, glare, and of course 100% UVA and UVB protection. You'll find antique gold metal nose bridge and hinges that go perfectly with the tortoise shell ear stems, and the entire color package looks great with the brown Armani mineral glass lenses. Tell Me More

VS1532: Vintage Giorgio Armani RAM 1371AD sunglasses are one of only a handful of Armani designs ever produced with blue rimless lenses, and this makes them lightweight and comfortable but also more stylish than most any other brand or style of sunglasses you'll find. The chrome ear stems and nose bridge looks great with the blue polycarbonate Armani lenses, and the low profile design will appeal to those who like to add color to their look without the distraction of an overly prominent frame. Tell Me More

VS1533: Vintage Giorgio Armani 903 011 sunglasses feature large round lenses and thick nose bridge and ear stems, a distinctive style you really only see from Giorgio Armani. That being said, the Armani 903 011 really stands out even more becasue of the mottled black and white frame, a pattern and color combination that we've never seen in any other style or brand of vintage sunglasses. Tell Me More

VS1534: Vintage Giorgio Armani 940 229 sunglasses are one of the rarest of all Armani styles, combining a rich tortoise shell front frame with distinctive black highlights with black ear stems in the unique shape of the 940. Rounded, elongated, thicker than normal front frame design will never be mistaken for a pair of drug store sunglasses, and the tortoise shell and black color combination is a perfect complement for these Armani mineral glass lenses. Tell Me More

VS1535: Vintage Giorgio Armani 931 012 sunglasses feature the large round mineral glass lenses for which Armani 931 sunglasses have always been known, and few colors look as good on a variety of face sizes, shapes, and skin tones than the orange tortoise shell Armani 931 012. Gold rivets add a little extra design flair at the hinge points, and you'll love the translucence of this shade of fine Italian tortoise shell frame. Tell Me More

VS1536: Vintage Giorgio Armani 046 sunglasses feature a tortoise shell front frame transitioning to antique gold ear stems and nose bridge, and the ear stems have a unique open design that features the impressed Armani eagle logo for a bit of Armani flash! The tortoise shell is highly tranlucent to let light pass through and create a shimmer out in the sunlight, and the size and shape is reminiscent of Armani 631 sunglasses but incorporate more metal into the design. Tell Me More

VS1537: Vintage Giorgio Armani 844 265 sunglasses are a unique Armani interpretation of the classic shape of Ray-Ban Wayfarers, with a dark translucent nylon front frame rim and ear stems combining with metal to create that great Italian design flair. Note the great transition from nylon front frame to the metal nose bridge, a unique design and color that looks great on a wide variety of face sizes, shapes, and skin tones. Tell Me More


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