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VS1205: Vintage Giorgio Armani 660 743 sunglasses are one of the most distinctively shaped sunglasses ever produced by the House of Armani, a subtle wrap design great for sports and reminiscent in size and shape to vintage B&L Ray-Ban Orbs sunglasses. It's a sleek, high performance look, but what really stands out are the ear stems that widen horizontally to allow for an intricate etched design and the Armani logo to be impressed in the top surface of the stems. Tell Me More

VS1206: Vintage Giorgio Armani 664 1060 sunglasses feature uniquely shaped hexagonal Armani mineral glass lenses surrounded by a thin band of tortoise shell and matching tortoise ear stems for a superb look in Italian sunglasses. The metal hinges and nose bridge are a soft, muted color to complement the tortoise, and those surfaces are decorated with subtle, precise etching for some added design flair. Tell Me More

VS1207: Vintage Giorgio Armani 634 759 sunglasses exude the look and style of high quality Italian sunglasses, with rounded rectangular lenses framed in a thin band of tortoise shell, gold plated hinges and nose bridge, and matching tortoise shell ear stems that all combine for a really eye catching look. The Italian tortoise looks great with the brown Armani mineral glass lenses, and the single nose bridge and pseudo angular design gives Armani 634 sunglasses quite a distinctive shape. Tell Me More

VS1216: Vintage Giorgio Armani 646-S sunglasses feature an elaborately etched copper frame with great details on the metal hinges and especially on the uniquely shaped arched nose bridge. The antique copper color is a perfect complement to the brown mineral glass lenses, and it's a sleek, low profile design that works equally well as men's or women's sunglasses. The precise pinpoint etching that decorates the nose bridge and the entire perimeter of both lenses is very reminiscent of what you'll find on vintage B&L Ray-Ban Arista sunglasses. Tell Me More

VS1217: Vintage Giorgio Armani 655 982 sunglasses feature a rare white translucent front frame and eye cups which are designed to contour more closely to the face to provide added eye protection from the sides. The front of this frame is quite distinctive with the white translucent band framing the Armani mineral glass lenses, and from the sides everyone will notice the unique eye cups that make these sunglasses look as great from the sides as from the front. Tell Me More

VS1218: Vintage Giorgio Armani 666 1068 sunglasses feature rich red tortoise shell eye cups that form the rear of both mineral glass lenses, designed to contour closely to the face to give your eyes complete protection from wind, glare, and of course 100% UVA and UVB protection. The etched gunmetal frame is a soft muted color that's a nice complement to the eye cups, and the entire color package looks great with the green Armani mineral glass lenses. Tell Me More

VS1219: Vintage Giorgio Armani 803 064 sunglasses are a style and shape you'll only find in the sunglasses portfolio of Giorgio Armani, with a wonderful yellow tortoise shell frame, large round mineral glass lenses, and steeply arched nose bridge. You won't have to worry about anyone else at your formal or casual occasion wearing the same pair of sunglasses, for Armani 803 sunglasses were only made for about 2 years c mid 1980s. Tell Me More

VS1220: Vintage Giorgio Armani 326 071 sunglasses feature unique black side accents that frame round Armani lenses secured in an etched gold front frame, one of the most distinctive styles ever produced by the House of Armani. The black ear stems and front accents look great with the green Armani mineral glass lenses, and the unusually shaped nose bridge adds a last bit of extra design flair. Tell Me More

VS1235: Vintage Giorgio Armani 945 063 sunglasses are from the iconic 900 series of vintage Armani sunglasses, with the distinctively wide front frame and ear stems in a beautiful dark tortoise shell with yellow highlights that only the Italians seem to be able to do right. The metal nose bridge and rim that surrounds the front lenses is a nice contrast with the tortoise, but the shape is really the star of the show with the thick oval front frame and thick, tapering ear stems. Tell Me More

VS1256: Vintage Giorgio Armani 627 815 sunglasses feature a brushed gunmetal frame and black and gunmetal ear stems, a sleek and elegant look when combined with the green Armani mineral glass lenses in these Armani 627 sunglasses. We like the exposed wire frame on the stems that complements the black front stem and ear pads, and the pewter colored frame is a perfect complement to the black and exudes that typical Armani design flair. Tell Me More


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