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VS1257: Vintage Giorgio Armani 641 743 sunglasses feature uniquely shaped brown mineral glasses lenses set in a gold plated frame and beautiful tortoise shell ear stems. The tortoise stems have color shading you'll only find in fine vintage Italian sunglasses, with significant hues of orange, yellow, and black all coming together into an elegant and eye catching design. Tell Me More

VS1258: Vintage Giorgio Armani 623 776 sunglasses are one of the rarest and most sought after of all vintage Armani designs, and it's easy to see why. The Armani 623 776 features a red tortoise shell frame with significant yellow highlights and a superbly designed nose bridge that combines gold banding at the top and bottom surrounding the red tortoise interior. This shade of red/yellow tortoise shell is a perfect complement for the equally hard to find green Armani mineral glass lenses. Tell Me More

VS1259: Vintage Giorgio Armani 610 744 sunglasses have the unique Armani Italian shape that collectors and fashion aficionados look for in vintage Armanis, with round mineral glass lenses, prominently arched nose bridge, perimeter etching on the gold plated frame, and the most unique banded tortoise shell ear stems we've seen in vintage Armani sunglasses. You'll love the prominentl light vertical highlights on the tortoise stems, which gives them the effect of being banded. Tell Me More

VS1260: Vintage Giorgio Armani 317 157 Gatsby sunglasses are one of the hardest to find styles of vintage Giorgio Armani sunglasses, highly sought after and uniquely distinctive in their design. There are numerous design features for which Armani 317 sunglasses are known, including the highly arched gold nose bridge, prominent frame screws on each side of the bridge, and the rich tortoise shell Italian frame with yellow highlights. Tell Me More

VS1334: Vintage Giorgio Armani 132 759 sunglasses are a classic style and shape with gold frame and tortoise ear pads, but you'll note a lot of subtle quality design flourishes like the thin band of tortoise shell that surrounds the front lenses and the brown Armani mineral glass lenses. The gold plated ear stems have some raised detailing near the hinges, and the tortoise ear pads tie together the design back to the thin tortoise band surrounding the lenses of the front frame. Tell Me More

VS1353: Vintage Giorgio Armani 326 073 sunglasses are one of the most distinctive styles ever produced by the House of Armani and enduringly popular over the years for good reason - and extremely hard to find. You'll love the round Armani mineral glass lenses and the superb tortoise shell nose bridge and ear stems, but what really stands out in the Armani 326 are the tortoise side accents that decorate the outside edge of both lenses. Tell Me More

VS1354: Vintage Giorgio Armani 808 053 sunglasses feature an amazing translucent yellow tortoise shell frame that only the Italians seem to be able to do with this degree of quality and light transmission, making the colors of the frame shimmer out in the sunlight. The yellow tortoise looks great with these Armani mineral glass lenses, and the style is somewhat reminiscent of vintage Ray-Ban Wayfarer IIs but are a little more rounded and less angular. Tell Me More

VS1395: Vintage Giorgio Armani 304 013 sunglasses feature a super cool round tortoise shell frame that has that degree of translucence it seems only the Italians can do properly coupled with lighter green Armani mineral glass lenses. This is a classic look in the Armani line c 1980s / early 1990s, a style that will be equally at home at formal or casual occasions. Tell Me More

VS1396: Vintage Giorgio Armani 326 074 sunglasses feature round mineral glass lenses secured by an intricately etched gold perimeter frame and uniquely shaped and styles tortoise shell side accents and ear stems. This is one of the iconic looks produced by the House of Armani, for you won't find any other brand of sunglasses that feature these round lenses, side accents, and the color combination of tortoise and gold in this interesting Armani design. Tell Me More

VS1412: Vintage Giorgio Armani 810 020 sunglasses are part of the famous Armani 810 sunglasses collection reminiscent of vintage Ray-Ban Wayfarers, this time in black with gold temple decorations. The black and gold is a color combination that's hard to beat, and you'll like the classic styling resembling Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses but with that unmistakable Italian design flair. Tell Me More


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