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VS142: Very rare Giorgio Armani 903 tortoise sunglasses will almost certainly be one of the most unique and eclectic styles of vintage sunglasses you're going to see without moving into the flash of a designer such as Cazal. Early production Armani 903 1-S sunglasses feature an incredible tortoise shell frame, thick all around but particularly on the extra wide nose bridge that really gives these vintage sunglasses a lot of their design flair. Tell Me More

VS145: Unusual and rare vintage Armani 1566 wrap sunglasses are subtly photochromatic and perfect to wear both indoors and outdoors. Armani wrap around sunglasses have always been popular but we think this is probably the single best style the company ever produced. Tell Me More

VS169: These vintage Giorgio Armani sunglasses date from the early days of Giorgio Armani sunglasses design, a unique Gatsby shape in tortoise shell accented by two brass screws at the highly arched nose bridge. Everyone here wanted to try these on, and our men and women looked great in them. Tell Me More

VS176: Vintage Giorgio Armani 147 721 sunglasses feature a beautiful red Tortuga tortoise shell front frame with complementary yellow tortoise shell ear stems along with matching red Tortuga clip on sunglasses. This is a vintage Armani style that was produced in only very small quantities and still highly sought after today, for the stylish frames are great for the RX or non RX lenses of your choice while the matching Tortuga clip ons ensure you look equally if not even more dapper out in the sunlight. Tell Me More

VS177: Vintage Giorgio Armani 708 1069 sunglasses feature an intricately etched metal frame that exudes the finest Italian quality, an understated and elegant look that's perfect for both formal and casual occasions. Note the precision of the etching around the front frame lenses and across the nose bridge, and tortoise shell ear pads add a final design flourish. The Armani mineral glass lenses provide 100% UVA and UVB protection for your eyes. Tell Me More

VS193: Rare vintage Giorgio Armani 626 822 tortoise shell sunglasses are a unique Armani interpretation of classic aviator sunglasses - but with a lot more Italian style! The brown Armani lenses measure approximately 2.0" x 1.5" at the widest point, each with the etched GA logo laser etched in the glass near the hinges, and they're framed in a rim of tortoise shell that really gives them a great look. The double nose bridge reflects the design of vintage aviator sunglasses. Tell Me More

VS215: Vintage Giorgio Armani 631 890 sunglasses are one of Armani's most stylish and elegant sunglass designs, a rich orange tortoise shell frame that form a distinctively unique complement for the intricately etched gold plated hinges and nose bridge. Armani 631 sunglasses are known for the wide bands that frame the almost round lenses, an eye catching design that's sure to be noticed. Tell Me More

VS219: Vintage Giorgio Armani 631 891 sunglasses are striking combination of etched silver and wide Italian tortoise shell. Vintage Armani 631 sunglasses are one of Giorgio Armani's most stylish and distinctive designs, a rich orange tortoise shell frame contrasted with silver that wraps each lens and forms the nose bridge and each of the etched metal hinges. The width of the tortoise shell around the lens is quite wide, a unique Armani design that immediately captures attention. Tell Me More

VS221: Vintage Giorgio Armani 101 788 sunglasses stand out for their beautiful red tortoise shell frame with corner etching that adds even more design flair. We think Armani 101 sunglasses are one of the best designs ever produced by the House of Armani, and their subtle elegance is a far cry from today's designer sunglasses where the logo is the star of the show. Tell Me More

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