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VS3128: Vintage Giorgio Armani 326 072 sunglasses feature round green mineral glass lenses in a very uniquely shaped frame, one of the most distinctive styles ever to emerge from the House of Armani. The side accents are a particularly eye catching complement to the round glass lenses, and we think the black and green color combo of the Armani 326 072 variation is hard to beat. Tell Me More

VS3129: Vintage Giorgio Armani 147 976 eyeglass frames are one of his most famous designs, with black metal front frame and tortoise shell ear stems, and here you get them paired perfectly with Giorgio Armani 186 976 clip on sunglasses that feature perfectly sized and matched black frame with super cool purple tint lenses. Current lenses in the eyeglasses themselves are RX prescription and ready to be swapped out, and the clip on sunglasses of course are original Armani non-RX lenses. Tell Me More

VS3169: Vintage Giorgio Armani 234 832 sunglasses are one of the most beautiful of all Armani frame and lens combinations in his hard to find line of vintage clip on sunglasses and matching frames. We think you'll agree the rare Tortuga tortoise shell frame and clip ons is both eye catching and super cool, and the gold plated nose bar and elaborately formed hinges create just the right design contrast the gleaming Tortuga frame with great hues of red and gold. Tell Me More

VS3174: Vintage Giorgio Armani 1531 1144 sunglasses are one of the very few wrap designs ever produced by the House of Armani, remiscent in style and shape with vintage B&L Ray-Ban Inertia sunglasses but here with very rare Armani top gradient mirror lenses. These highly reflective lenses are heavily mirrored at the top but graduate to less and less mirror as you move to the bottom of the lenses. Tell Me More

VS3218: Vintage Giorgio Armani 834 055 sunglasses are one of the most distinctive designs ever produced by the House of Armani, a gleaming and translucent yellow tortoise shell frame with extra thick ear stems and front frame combining for a look you just won't see in any other brand of high end designer sunglasses. The yellow tortoise shell frame is of typically superb Italian quality, and it looks great with the Armani mineral glass lenses. Tell Me More

VS3219: Vintage Giorgio Armani 636 889 sunglasses feature a beautiful matte black metal Italian frame and Armani green mineral glass lenses that are framed in a thin band of yellow tortoise shell. It's a typically elegant Italian design suitable for both formal and casual occasions, understated but of obviously the highest Italian eyewear quality. You'll find the Giorgio Armani logo impressed in both ear stems, intricately and precisely done. Tell Me More

VS3240: Vintage Giorgio Armani 101 715 sunglasses are one of the best variations of iconic Armani 101 sunglasses featuring a thin tortoise shell front frame and ear pads combined with intricately etched gold plated outer frame and ear stems for an eye catching look and style. These lighter green lenses are arguably the most distinctive and sought after of any vintage Armani lens, and the color and high quality optics are a perfect complement for the gold and tortoise shell of the frame. Tell Me More

VS3264: Giorgio Armani AR6073 3013 sunglasses are an eye catching, one of a kind design that was produced in only very small quantities and today is highly sought after by fashion aficionados. Aside from the distinctive look, the thing that most strikes us about the design of the Armani AR 6073 is the intricate manufacturing process necessary to produce such an extraordinary frame - not something many manufacturers in the world can do. Tell Me More

VS3274: Vintage Giorgio Armani 946 144 sunglasses feature a gleaming translucent orange tortoise shell frame in a unique, low profile style along with brown Armani mineral glass lenses, a look that's equally at home for formal or casual occasions. This is one of the most highly sought vintage Armani frame colors, and the distinctively wide ear stems are a notable Armani design tool from this period of the 1990s. Tell Me More

VS3285: Vintage Giorgio Armani 626 818 sunglasses feature a thin band of tortoise shell that frames the front lenses and antique gold metal ear stems, a unique Armani interpretation of classic aviator sunglasses but with that distinct Italian style! The double nose bridge reflects the design of vintage aviator sunglasses, but there is a subtle drop to the top bar and subtle rise to the lower bar that creates a different and eye catching look. Tell Me More


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