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VS3206: Vintage Revo 3033 001 blue mirror sunglasses are one of the very few original vintage Revo styles they produced, so for fans of lighter weight rimless styles in vintage Revos you just don't have too many options. But fortunately we think you'll agree the Revo 3033 is quite unique, with rounded rectangular rimless blue mirror polarized lenses and a sleek black metal frame. It's a great look produced near the end of original Revo production when the company and its assets were sold to Luxottica. Tell Me More

VS3207: Vintage Revo 3050 001 J7 sunglasses feature an all black frame and Revo top gradient mirror H20 polarized lenses for one of the coolest variations in the iconic line of Revo 3050 sunglasses. It's a subtle wrap design that contours nicely to the face to give you added eye protection from the sides, and the top graident mirror Revo H20 polarized lenses are the perfect complement for the sleek black high performance frame. Tell Me More

VS3208: Vintage Revo 700 001 sunglasses were by most historical records the very first strong composite frame and mirrored lens combination that you'd recognize in so many future styles of vintage Revos including iconic Revo 800 Grand Venture Aviator sunglasses which were the successor to this pioneering Revo design early to mid 1980s. You'll note that rich deep blue color of the original Revo blue mirror lenses, somewhat richer and deeper in hues of blue than those that would follow in the later 1980s and into the 1990s. Tell Me More

VS3222: Vintage Revo sunglasses and vintage Vuarnet sunglasses accessories including croakies, lanyards, hats, lapel pins, cases, keychains, gift boxes, and more. Tell Me More

VS3233: Vintage Oakley OO Jordan E Wire sunglasses feature the eye catching black powder frame, tortoise stem inserts, and Oakley Blue Iridium lenses c 1999-2001. You'll love the sleek, sports inspired look of the vintage Oakley OO Jordan E Wire sunglasses, a design collaboration between Oakley and Michael Jordan that focused on the OO and on the equally iconic Oakley Mars Leather Michael Jordan. You'll note that the Blue Iridium lenses used during these early years are a deeper, richer shade of blue than the Ice Iridium lenses which were soon to replace them. Tell Me More

VS3234: Vintage Revo 1602 010 sunglasses feature an intricately etched gold frame and Revo purple mirror mineral glass lenses, one of the smaller lens sizes Revo ever produced and always in high demand in the market when we have them. A few design notes include the intricately etched ear stems and the shadings of black in the antique gold finish, both clearly evident of the unparalleled Revo quality back in these early years of production. Tell Me More

VS3235: Vintage Revo 965 001 Advanced Oval sunglasses are a custom assemblage by a well known collector and long time customer of the Vintage Sunglasses Shop who combined the striking 965 001 frame with its distinctive tortoise ear stems with third party custom cut polycarbonate green mirror lenses. While not OEM vintage Revo lenses, one great thing about these custom green mirror lenses is the amount of blue they also pick up at certain angles and in certain sunlight conditions - not to mention huge cost savings. Tell Me More

VS3236: Vintage Revo 2002 301 sunglasses feature a high performance, low profile wrap design frame reminiscent of Revo 870 and 1013 sunglasses that came a few years earlier, but of course you just can't beat the highly reflective Revo stealth mirror h20 polarized lenses as the perfect color complemen t for the sleek black frame. The stealth mirror h20 lenses will pick up plenty of hues of blue, red, and purple out in the sunlight. Tell Me More

VS3237: Vintage Revo Grand Venture Aviator sunglasses evolved over the years in specifics related to their marking conventions but always retaining that distinctive shape. A real collector's item, this very early introduction of the style preceded even the analogous Revo 700 001 Venture Aviator differing only in specifics of how the Revo logo was embossed on the frame. Introduced earlier than even Revo's first full collection as an initial market foray, you'll note that rich deep blue color of the original Revo blue mirror lenses which is somewhat richer and deeper in hues of blue than those that would follow. Tell Me More

VS3243: Vintage Revo 3019 sunglasses are well known for the intricately crafted horizontal etching found on both ear stems, and these vintage Revo 3019 081 sunglasses are one of the best frame and lens variations featuring a beautiful copper frame and brown h20 polarized lenses. Don't miss the intricate etching that decorates both gleaming copper ear stems! Tell Me More


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