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VS2502: Vintage Revo 3018 080 sunglasses combine highly reflective Revo green mirror polarized lenses with matte black ear stems for a sleek look in vintage sunglasses perfect for both casual and more formal occasions. These Revo 3018 sunglasses feature top of the line and rare green mirror lenses, produced in only very small quantities just prior to the acquisition of the company by Luxottica in 1998. The matte black ear stems are complemented with chrome hinges and front frame. Tell Me More

VS2503: Vintage Revo 3020 084 sunglasses feature a sleek blue steel chrome frame, but the real stars of the show are the highly reflective stealth mirror h20 polarized lenses that pick up plenty of hues of blue, red, and purple out in the sunlight. The Italian 3020 frame is a perfect complement for the silver - blue of the stealth mirror lenses, and the style is reminiscent of an elongated aviator but with that unmistakable Revo Italian design flair. Tell Me More

VS2504: Vintage Revo 3032 001 sunglasses are low and sleek, with a distinctive wide and low profile design that easily stands out from the crowd. You'll love the unique horizontal etching of both chrome ear stems that add to the racing look, and the Revo blue mirror H20 lenses pick up plenty of red and purple hues out in the sunlight to complement the blue mirrored coating. Tell Me More

VS2505: Vintage Revo 3066 089 J6 sunglasses were produced c mid 1990s and combine a sleek and elegant blue steel chrome frame with rubber coated ear stems for a look that's both comfortable and totally eye catching! A unique Revo interpretation of vintage aviator sunglasses, Revo 3066 sunglasses have a subtle wrap design to contour more closely to your face to form the perfect color complement for the blue mirror h20 polarized lenses. Tell Me More

VS2506: Vintage Revo 3051 001 K3 sunglasses were a low production design so not many were ever made, and it's sad because this is a very sleek, elegant design that combines high performance with high style. The black Revo 3051 frame is a subtle wrap design, but what really stands out are the highly reflective Revo top gradient mirror lenses. Tell Me More

VS2507: Vintage Revo 3004 081 Python Executive sunglasses feature the distinctive 3004 copper Python frame and highly reflective Revo blue mirror lenses that pick up plenty of hues of purple at the same time, one of the final styles produced by Revo before the transfer of the company to Luxottica in 1998. You'll note the finely etched precision in the Python detail. Tell Me More

VS2528: Vintage 3010 080 K3 sunglasses feature the incredible workmanship of the Revo 3010 chrome frame, intricately etched with horizontal lines running down both ear stems, and Revo K3 H20 polarized top gradient mirror lenses that were known for superb optics and their sleek, elegant and understated look. This is a high performance frame and lens that still evokes high style, so you'll find it looks great as men's or women's sunglasses at the football game or at a formal event. Tell Me More

VS2529: Vintage Revo 540 001 Velocity sunglasses from the Competition Collection were in the very first group of sunglasses introduced by Revo c mid 1980s, and if you've never seen anything like this style before you're not alone because very few were produced in less than one full year of production. Notably different from any other Revos, Revo 540 sunglasses were part of the Competition Collection that combined high performance durable nylon frames with optically outstanding polycarbonate lenses. Tell Me More

VS2596: Vintage Revo Grand Venture Aviator sunglasses feature eye catching orange mirror lenses and quite rare Revo Outdoorsman "shooter" ear stems that curve behind the ears for the most secure fit possible in even the most active situations. Revo Venture Aviator Outdoorsman sunglasses were a low production variation of the Venture Aviator from their original US collection, produced in only small quantities and mostly as a special order from Revo. Tell Me More

VS2627: Vintage Revo 3014 093 K1 sunglasses feature a gleaming copper frame in the famous Revo 3014 style coupled with Revo rose H20 polarized lenses. We've really come to love vintage Revo copper frames like the 3014 093, and they look great with very hard to find rose H20 lenses that gives these a particular design flair compared to the brown h20 version of this 3014 frame. Tell Me More


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