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VS1446: Vintage 3011 080 Y2 sunglasses feature amazing Revo H20 Photo photochromatic lenses in a sleek chrome and matte gray metal aviator style frame to combine high style with high performance. The Revo H20 Photo lenses will darken and lighten with varying light conditions, and this is a property that is infused into the glass and not a coating that will ever wear out or wear off. Tell Me More

VS1447: Vintage 3010 080 J7 sunglasses feature the incredible workmanship of the Revo 3010 chrome frame, intricately etched with horizontal lines running down both ear stems, and Revo black mirror H20 lenses that were Revo's only top gradient mirror lens ever put into production. This is a high performance frame and lens that still evokes high style, so you'll find it looks great as men's or women's sunglasses at the football game or at a formal event. Tell Me More

VS1448: Vintage Revo 1410 044 sunglasses evoke the retro look of John Lennon's teashade sunglasses, thin and light but with that unmistakable Revo design flair! You'll love the high quality antique silver frame and workmanship that goes into these Revo 1410 sunglasses, and you'll also get top of the line optical quality with these Revo brown mineral glass lenses that combine high performance and high style. Tell Me More

VS1449: Vintage 1124 058 sunglasses feature an intricately etched bronze metal frame and brown Revo H20 polarized lenses that combine high style with high performance. Note the precisely detailed horizontal etching that decorates both ear stems of the 1124, and the etched nose bridge design and uniquely shaped lenses add that last bit of eye catching style. Tell Me More

VS1450: Vintage Revo 3009 083 sunglasses feature highly reflective Revo bright blue mirror lenses only used in the 083 variations of their mid 1990s styles and matte black ear stems, one of the most eye catching frame and lens color combinations in the popular Revo 3009 line. The chrome front frame and hinges complement the blue mirror lenses, while the matte black ear stems give you a sleek, high performance look. Tell Me More

VS1451: Vintage Revo 3018 082 sunglasses feature unique exposed metal hinges, a design feature that defines vintage Revo 3018 sunglasses, and highly reflective Revo blue mirror H20 polarized lenses. This is a lightweight yet durable style, and the oval blue mirror lenses and low profile frame are well suited to a wide variety of men's and women's face sizes and shapes. Tell Me More

VS1452: Vintage Revo 1210 001 Woodside sunglasses feature an incredible black metal frame that evokes the look and texture of bamboo. You'll note the precise detailing that creates this bamboo effect in the workmanship of the frame, and the black looks great with green Revo lenses from the Revo Traveler Collection c 1980s / early 1990s. You'll love the unique green tortoise ear pads on the 1210 001 that complement the green Revo Triband lenses which provide impeccable contrast enhancement. Tell Me More

VS1453: Vintage Revo 3030 080 Y2 sunglasses feature amazing Revo H20 Photo photochromatic lenses in a sleek black wrap sports sunglasses frame designed for high performance with the highest optical quality. The subtle wrap design enables the sunglasses to contour more closely to your face, giving you added protection from side glare. Revo 3030 sunglasses have spring loaded hinges that also add to the comfort of the fit. Tell Me More

VS1454: Vintage Revo 1108 010 sunglasses is a unique Revo interpretation of classic vintage aviator sunglasses, but you won't mistake these for your father's Ray-Bans with the antique gold frame and Revo purple mirror lenses. These lenses are produced by applying Revo's purple tinting to a brown mineral glass base lens, and the effect is a rich deep purple out in the sunlight but still with adequate visible light transmission to make the comfortable to wear indoors. Tell Me More

VS1455: Vintage Revo 3055 093 J4 sunglasses feature hard to find Revo top gradient mirror H20 polarized lenses, with a flash mirror anti-glare coating applied to the top portion of the brown mineral glass base lens. The top gradient mirror effect lets you look downward at instrument panels or to read with more visible light transmission but with the top portion benefiting from the added glare protection of the reflective mirror coating. Tell Me More


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