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VS1402: Vintage Revo 800 001 Grand Venture sunglasses feature a sleek matte black frame in the classic Venture Aviator style coupled with Revo brown H20 polarized lenses for high performance. Revo 800 Grand Venture sunglasses were one of the very first designs produced by Revo of California c mid 1980s, a pioneering design by the iconic Revo design house that incorporated lens technologies first developed for the NASA space program. Tell Me More

VS1417: Vintage Revo 3012 081 S-61 H20 sunglasses feature a lightweight frame that maximizes comfort yet exudes the high style and quality for which Revo was always known prior to the sale of the company in 1998. The brown Revo H20 polarized lenses give you unparalleled optical quality not to mention the unique shape of the lenses in Revo 3012 sunglasses. Note the unique hinges on the Revo 3012, a sleek, elegant, and modern look unlike anything else. Tell Me More

VS1418: Vintage Revo 1402 033 sunglasses feature an intricately etched gold top accent on the front frame and even more elaborate, scroll etching and decoration on the gold ear stems. This muted antique gold metal finish looks superb with the brown Revo lenses, revolutionary from the earliest days of their introduction by incorporated anti-glare technologies pioneered in the NASA space program. Tell Me More

VS1419: Vintage Revo 750 001 Sixties blue mirror sunglasses were in the very first production run and line released by Revo following the establishment of the company in the mid 1980s, and the 750 designation didn't last long before it gave way to the Revo 800 series that most people still think (incorrectly) were the earliest Revos produced. Extremely rare, Revo 750 001 sunglasses feature highly reflective Revo blue mirror lenses. Tell Me More

VS1420: Vintage Revo 850 Grand Classic sunglasses c 1980s feature the rare red tortoise shell variation of this iconic style of sunglasses and equally rare and highly reflective Revo green mirror lenses. Revo produced these red tortoise shell frames only in very small quantities in the mid 1980s, never a stock item and always a special order at the time. The rich orange and black hues of the tortoise look great with the Revo green mirror lenses, a unique color combination. Tell Me More

VS1421: Vintage Revo 1111 001 Python sunglasses feature the distinctive black python frame, intricately etched into the snakeskin pattern across the nose bridge and down both spring hinge ear stems. The black Revo 1111 Python frame looks pretty amazing with these Revo green H20 polarized lenses. Tell Me More

VS1422: Vintage Revo 1129 010 sunglasses are a low production, highly desirable style that couples always desirable and hard to find tortoise shell ear stems with Revo purple mirror lenses. You'll love the antique gold metal frame that comprises the front frame and hinges, antique gold with black highlights that really complement the Revo purple mirror lenses. Tell Me More

VS1423: Vintage Revo 1211 011 Atherton sunglasses are an icon of modern sunglasses design and one of Revo's most distinctive styles. Along with a unique shape that looks great as men's or women's sunglasses, don't miss the intricately detailed etching that graces the gunmetal pewter finish of these 1211 Athertons from the Traveler Series. Pewter is a perfect clolor combination for these Revo green Triband Traveler Series lenses, an all purpose and all weather lens. Tell Me More

VS1424: Vintage Revo 1403 010 sunglasses feature a sleek and intricately etched antique gold frame that's the perfect color complement for the Revo amber lenses that give you high performance with high style. Note the precision in the bead detail that graces the entire front frame and ear stems of this low production style from the Revo Degrees Collection. Tell Me More

VS1425: Vintage Revo 3018 081 S/61 sunglasses feature a sleek, elegant frame with uniquely designed exposed hinges coupled with Revo brown H20 polarized lenses - a high performance look equally at home at the sports event or at the country club. The copper hinges of Revo 3018 sunglasses are really striking, and it's form plus function when paired with these amber Revo H20 polarized lenses. Tell Me More


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