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VS1313: Vintage Revo 3022 080 Y2 sunglasses feature a gleaming chrome and black wrap sunglasses frame and rare Revo H20 Photo lenses, one of the best photochromatic mineral glass lenses ever made. The Revo H20 Photo Rose lens is great to look at with its rose tint, but best of all it will lighten and darken in varying light conditions to adapt to the circumstances. These photochromatic properties are infused into the glass, not a coating that will ever wear out or wear off. Tell Me More

VS1314: Vintage Revo 1205 001 Aptos sunglasses feature a black chrome frame with oval Revo green Traveler Series lenses, a super color combination in a style that's proven to be enduringly popular ever since the Aptos was introduced in the mid 1980s. The Traveler collection features a green glass lens which has its own unique light transmission curve that peaks in green light and blocks shortwave blue light to deliver superb contrast, clarity, and complete UV and IR protection. Tell Me More

VS1315: Vintage Revo 1112 080 Rectangle sunglasses feature highly reflective Revo blue mirror lenses, tortoise shell ear stems, and brushed gold hinges and front frame, all combining into one of the most elegant sunglass designs ever produced by Revo. The brushed gold front frame and hinges also incorporate subtle black highlights, and the color combination of brushed gold, tortoise shell ear stems, and highly reflective Revo blue mirror lenses is unequaled. Tell Me More

VS1321: Vintage Revo 1213 001 Presidio sunglasses feature a distinctively elegant etched black frame and green Revo Traveler Collection lenses. Revo 1213 sunglasses are intricately and precisely etched to create design interest over the entire surface of the frame. The sleek black frame looks great with Revo Traveler Collection lenses with its own unique light transmission curve that peaks in green light and blocks shortwave blue light to deliver superb contrast. Tell Me More

VS1327: Vintage Revo 1130 001 sunglasses are one of the most popular styles ever produced by Revo, with tortoise shell ear stems and highly reflective Revo blue mirror lenses. The oval lenses and frame shape make the Revo 1130 work well for a wide variety of face sizes and shapes, and the color contrast with the metal front frame, tortoise stems, and blue mirrored lenses is hard to beat. Tell Me More

VS1346: Vintage Revo 3056 093 9Z H20 sunglasses were a very low production and thus rare style done in the mid to late 1998s just before the Revo brand was sold to Italian company Luxottica. This was one of the earliest Revo experimentations with a rimless design, a feature that was to propagate in future styles produced after 2000. The clean, elegant look also has a subtle wrap design, and the tortoise shell ear stems both look great. Tell Me More

VS1347: Vintage Revo 3022 081 S Y1 H20 Photo sunglasses feature the amazing Revo H20 photochromatic lenses in a gleaming copper frame with a subtle wrap design to contour more closely to your face. The anti-reflective red - orange coating on the interior of the H20 Photo mineral glass lenses give you added eye protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays - not to mention they look super cool! The Revo 3022 is one of the most popular of the later Revo styles c mid 1990s. Tell Me More

VS1348: Vintage Revo 3030 001 sunglasses feature highly reflective Revo blue mirror H20 polarized lenses in a sleek black wrap sports sunglasses frame designed for high performance with the highest optical quality. The subtle wrap design enables the sunglasses to contour more closely to your face, giving you added protection from side glare. Revo 3030 sunglasses have spring loaded hinges that also add to the comfort of the fit. Tell Me More

VS1349: Vintage Revo 1004 008 Extreme Wrap sunglasses feature an amazing yellow tortoise shell frame that only the Italians seem to be able to do with this degree of translucence, and it looks great with the Revo brown H20 polarized lenses. The Revo 1004 Extreme Wrap was designed to contour closely to the face to give you added glare protection from the sides, and the 1004 uses both the shape and a slight cup effect to the frame at the temples to make this the most streamlined of all vintage Revo designs. Tell Me More

VS1350: Vintage Revo 950 Large Pilot sunglasses feature extremely hard to find Revo red mirror lenses in one of the earliest frame and lens combinations ever produced by Revo c mid 1980s. These highly reflective Revo red mirror lenses pick up many other hues of purple and blue out in the sunlight, advanced mirrored coatings having been pioneered by Revo and used in the NASA space program in the 1970s and 1980s. Tell Me More


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